AC Milan and Sorare revolutionize NFT card collection with 3D augmented reality

Sorare and AC Milan recently unveiled the first 3D digital NFT collectible cards with augmented reality: offering a virtual journey with AC Milan players through an online treasure hunt. 

Specifically, Sorare managers will be able to accumulate and use 3D digital soccer cards on mobile and web platforms, interacting with them in the real world thanks to Augmented Reality features on Sorare’s mobile app.

The use of the new cards will be possible from the 2023/24 season, and an online treasure hunt will kick off in September to unlock exciting prizes, including rare cards, VIP tickets and away trips with the team. 

See all the details below. 

Sorare introduces first NFT cards with 3D technology in Italy

As anticipated, Sorare, the global sports entertainment company, has announced the exciting launch of its first 3D digital NFT cards for the 2023/2024 season, enhanced with new Augmented Reality features. 

All the while, the prestigious AC Milan will be the first Italian team to take part in this exciting initiative. 

Sorare confirms itself again as a leader in the industry, putting its technology at the service of sports fans around the world and offering them not only the chance to own digital collectible cards with the image of their favorite players, but also to exploit them in engaging competitions, further enhancing the gaming experience with luxury design.

From Rafael Leao to Theo Hernández, Mike Maignan to Christian Pulisic and all the other great Milan players, their cards will be available on Sorare’s platform in an immersive 3D format, enhanced by Augmented Reality features accessible via the mobile app. 

This will allow fans to bring their favorite AC Milan players into the real world in an innovative and interactive way. This cutting-edge technology will make the gaming experience unique, enhancing the design and creating greater interactivity with the digital cards. 

In addition to collecting and playing with the all-new cards, which feature revamped images, eye-catching backgrounds and dynamic colors, platform managers will now be able to use these cards to unlock unique real-world experiences. 

3D Cards with Augmented Reality: auctions, treasure hunts and great prizes

Auctions of Milan’s revolutionary 3D cards with Augmented Reality will begin at the end of September. 

In this regard, Sorare is working hard to distribute these new digital creations extensively, with the goal of making them the new standard for all cards in the 2023/24 season. 

But there’s more: starting on 7 September, Sorare has launched an engaging “treasure hunt” open to its entire community. In fact, each week a teaser video containing hidden words will be posted on social media. 

Users are challenged to correctly identify and organize these hidden words. The first participant who succeeds in the task will have the opportunity to win exclusive 3D cards of Milan players, as well as two tickets for an exciting trip with the team to attend a match in Europe.

Some statements regarding Sorare’s latest news 

Adrien Montfort, CTO and co-founder of Sorare, said the following about the latest news above: 

“At Sorare, we want to bridge the gap between online and physical sports fandoms to better serve our community. With this goal, we work to provide our users with a unique gaming experience and to ensure that it improves year after year. We are happy to launch new cards, new designs and new features to celebrate the new football season, so that Sorare managers can own special cards, interact with them and show them to the world.”

Specifically, this is highlighted as the latest piece in Sorare’s strategy to build a generational product that combines innovative technology and cutting-edge design in order to continually enrich the experience of sports fans. 

Maikel Oettle, Commercial Director of AC Milan, also enthusiastically stated: 

“We’re excited to offer our fans an even better way to interact with their favorite players. We are the first Serie A team to experiment together in Sorare a new dimension of sports support and collecting thanks to 3D technology and Augmented Reality. Participating in this innovation process is exactly why we chose to partner with Sorare and launch cards on the platform.” 

Finally, Gerard Piqué, Sorare entrepreneur and investor, commented as follows: 

“Sorare is breaking down the barriers that separate football fans around the world from their favorite players and teams. These innovations in cutting-edge card design and interactivity will have a huge impact on the development of each player’s brand and help champions and their teams interact with a new global audience.”