All set for the launch of the crypto of the game Hamster Kombat: price predictions of HMSTR

We are almost there: soon the tap-to-earn game Hamster Kombat will release its own HMSTR token with a direct listing on the crypto markets.

After its launch in mid-March, this game based on Telegram has grown significantly, attracting a considerable number of users.

Now everything seems ready for the next step: what are the price predictions for HMSTR? Will the token ever reach the value of 1 dollar?

Let’s see all the details below.

Hamster Kombat: airdrop of the game arriving in July, watch out for crypto scams

As written in the project’s roadmap, Hamster Kombat plans to conduct the TGE of the HMSTR token in the month of July.

All users who participated in the tap-to-earn game by clicking on the image of the squirrel until their fingertips were worn out will soon be able to claim the prize.

The listing of the token on the crypto markets is indeed accompanied by an airdrop to the holders of in-app points. Your commitment and dedication are about to be rewarded with an economic return in cryptocurrencies.

We do not yet know what the relationship between the score on Hamster Kombat and the amount of HMSTR tokens given away will be, but we can imagine a ratio of 10000:1.

For the moment we can only aim to accumulate as many resources as possible, however paying attention to what is written by the project team.

In fact, what will be taken into consideration to establish the eligibility criteria of the airdrop will not only be the total amount of points, but the average PPH (points per hour).

It is therefore important to stay active multiple times throughout the day and invite as many friends as possible.

The rumors of an imminent launch in the next week increase as the euphoria of retail users grows.

For now it seems that a total of about 200 million people are participating worldwide, marking one of the highest milestones for Telegram.

The promise of an easy and free profit has also captivated those who are not experts in the crypto world, leading the adoption of tap-to-earn to a remarkably high level.

In this context, it is important to remember to be very careful of scams: unfortunately, when there is hype for the launch of a new token, scammers show up promptly on social media.

Especially on X, be very careful not to click on suspicious links and always make sure you are on the official Hamster Kombat account and not on some fake imitation.

Tokenomics of the HMSTR token of Hamster Kombat

As the most anticipated moment since the launch of the game Hamster Kombat approaches, we can take a look at the tokenomics of the HMSTR crypto.

The project team has not yet released any official version of the tokenomics, but the first leaks are already circulating on X, supported by the site CoinCarp.

While it remains to be confirmed, it seems that the total supply of the Hamster Kombat token will be 10 billion HMSTR.

The largest slice of the cake is destined for community incentives with a total of 7.6 billion HMSTR equal to 76% of the supply.

Following the 8.25% of the supply, or 825 million HMSTR, are allocated to private investors of the KOL round.

The Team and the project’s partners are respectively entitled to 775 million and 575 million cryptographic coins.

The liquidity initial of the currency, fundamental to offer depth of exchanges, will be guaranteed with 100 million of HMSTR.

Same last amount for the airdrop to users, with only 1% of the supply that will be dedicated to serial clickers. It should also be noted that, as reported, those who will receive the airdrop will have a vesting block of 4% with only 25% of the amount unlocked at the TGE.

This means that if we are entitled to, for example, an allocation of 1000 HMSTR tokens, 250 coins will be available immediately to be sold. The remaining portion of 750 coins will be distributed linearly over the next 4 months.

Team and partners will still have more aggressive vesting, with an initial cliff that will prevent immediate sales on the market and consequent devaluations


At first glance, we can immediately notice how the tokenomics is not among the most appealing.

The allocation of 1% for the airdrop is not sufficient to guarantee a decent reward for all 200 million users. Simply put, if the loot were divided equally, each user would have only 0.5 HMSTR tokens each.

It is clear that only the best will have a good economic return from the airdrop.

Prediction of the HMSTR token price: optimistic target at 1 dollar.

Even reiterating once again that the tokenomiccs presented above is not yet official, we can hypothesize the listing price of HMSTR based on that data.

With a maximum supply of 10 billion dollars, it is possible to hypothesize an initial value of the Hamster Kombat coin equal to 1 dollar.

This would lead, in a highly optimistic scenario, to an FDV valuation of 10 billion dollars. It is a rather ambitious forecast, although not impossible.

To make a comparison with a similar tap-to-earn game, the project Notcoin at launch had an FDV of 1.3 billion dollars.

In any case, at a base price of 1 dollar, the circulating capitalization of HMSTR (with 127.5 million tokens initially available) would still be similar to that of NOT.

According to more realistic forecasts, we can observe the prices set in pre-market on the Bitget, Kucoin, and platforms,

In particular on the latest trading price of HMSTR appears to be around 0.33 dollars, which would imply an FDV of 3.3 billion dollars.

In the last few days, the token has been traded in a range from 0.05 dollars to 0.4 dollars


Probably the coin will be listed at a price not exceeding 0.3 dollars, given that the project team is not known in cryptographic circles

Much more likely a quotation around 0.10 dollars, such as to bring the FDV to 1 billion dollars and the circulating marketcap to 127 million dollars.