Bitstamp launches Summer of Discovery offer


Bitstamp, the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange, announces the launch of “Summer of Discovery”, a campaign highlighting how the exchange is making cryptocurrencies more accessible than ever before. The first feature to be launched is a 0% exchange fee on all coins for trading volume up to US$1,000 (or equivalent), a unique offer in today’s market.

This decision follows one made in July, which instead included a fee, called an inactivity fee, of 10 euros for users who make no transactions for twelve months. But in reality, even this move would be aimed at incentivizing cryptocurrency exchanges and transactions by users.

But the Summer of Discovery promotion is an absolutely unique offer in the cryptocurrency market. The company explains this move is aimed at incentivizing users to trade in a market that is beginning to show first tentative signs of recovery.

To facilitate trading, especially among the younger segments of its users, Bitstamp has also announced another important new development. Soon Bitstamp will launch its integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay, simplifying the purchase of cryptocurrencies using the methods that consumers, especially younger ones, are most familiar with and use. Bitstamp believes this is the key to creating an effortless onboarding experience. These integrations help make it safe and easy to buy and sell digital assets, regardless of whether someone is new to cryptocurrencies, revisiting them, or looking to expand their wallet.

Bitstamp also announced that it will soon expand its digital coin offerings on its platform, shortly introducing the ability to trade on two new coins. In addition, Bitstamp will soon launch an exciting new way for consumers to have more awareness about the crypto market and some particular aspects of cryptocurrencies so that they can participate in the markets with greater knowledge. According to a recent report by the exchange, it was found that 41% of users are not sufficiently knowledgeable about the world of cryptocurrencies. To address these shortcomings Bitstamp will create educational and informational resources to broaden the degree of knowledge of those who want to approach the world of cryptocurrency trading.

JB Graftieaux, global CEO of Bitstamp, said: 

“This summer is about coming out of the crypto winter and discovering new ways to invest in digital assets and crypto. Through our Summer of Discovery initiative, users have an incentive to begin or continue their crypto journey within a secure, regulated exchange”.

On the other hand, also according to a survey carried out in April by the exchange, it was found that 70% of institutional financial players recommend cryptocurrencies as an asset class, and 80% of the institutional financial players surveyed believe that cryptocurrencies will grow to truly universal adoption in the future.

“The latest upgrades to our payment infrastructure makes it easier than ever for people to participate in the crypto ecosystem using Bitstamp. For more than a decade, we’ve continued to innovate while providing the best infrastructure, uptime, and customer service in the sector”.

Graftieaux concluded.