China’s Largest Telecom Operator Launches NFT Market LinkNFT

In a significant development on Friday, December 15, China’s largest telecom operator China Mobile unveiled the LinkNFT, an NFT-free market.

The primary objective is to provide Hong Kong citizens with easy access to the next generation of Web3.0 Internet, fostering a unique experience and contributing to the establishment of a new digital economy and society. This initiative aims to propel Hong Kong into the forefront of the Web3.0 era, emphasizing the convergence of virtual and physical realms.

Multi-Chain Compatible NFT Market

LinkNFT offers enterprises digital asset NFT casting services, facilitating the generation, transaction, and circulation of digital assets across various scenarios such as SocialFi, DeFi, and GameFi. Currently integrated with CMChain, LinkNFT is Web3.0 compatible through CMChain’s three-in-one cross-chain standard components: the CMChain Web3.0 Center cross-chain service agreement, cross-chain adapter, and cross-chain smart contract association chain.

Besides, Hong Kong residents can conveniently manage digital assets on their personal chain, including Ethereum digital assets like Opensea, using MyLink’s exclusive digital wallet “LinKey.”

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has collaborated across diverse sectors to pioneer the release of over 30 NFTs on LinkNFT. This collection also comprises 20 commemorative NFTs from the MyLink ArLink series, along with 15 NFTs from entities such as United Publishing House and Migu Music.

The anticipated total circulation of these NFTs is likely to surpass 500,000. Beyond their collectible value, these NFTs also grant various exclusive rights and privileges, delivering a novel Web3.0 experience to the entire Hong Kong community.

Hong Kong’s Web 3.0 Plans

Web3.0 applications are transitioning from the virtual realm to reality through Dapp, marking a developmental phase. MyLink is actively broadening the Web3.0 application ecosystem, aiming to establish a unified digital identity for all Hong Kong citizens.

This initiative further seeks to affirm the value of personal data and facilitate the integration of various assets onto the blockchain through decentralized application scenarios. The goal is to enable the circulation of enterprise data value, establish tangible value rights and privileges, and collaborate across sectors to construct a Web3.0 cooperation ecosystem. The overarching objective is to realize a Web3.0 digital life for Hong Kong.

In this vein, MyLink has introduced LinkNFT, leveraging multiple technical standards of Web3.0 to forge a new business model centered around data elements for the Hong Kong business community. Enterprises can utilize the diverse NFTs launched to offer novel consumer rights to users, enhancing the overall user experience through the obtained NFTs.

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