NFT: the drop of 200 Web3 Premium domains created by Unstoppable Domains

Until August 9, NFT offers the flash sale of 200 Premium Web3 domains, created directly by Unstoppable Domains. The prices of these Web3 domains registered on the blockchain and of superior grade, can vary from 20 to 10,000$. NFT and the new drop of 200 Web3 Premium domains from Unstoppable Domains 

Unstoppable Domains has announced the partnership with, for the new drop of the new 200 Web3 Premium domains, available on its NFT platform.

“The domains are selling like hotcakes! In just 4 hours, over 40% of the premium domains have been purchased in our premium drop with @cryptocomnft. Don’t worry, there are still many gems left, including some single-digit ones! Hurry to grab them before they are all gone!”

In practice, from July 10 to August 9, customers can purchase a domain, with prices ranging from 20 to 10,000 dollars.

Such Premium Web3 domains that, like the classic ones, act as a unique and unalterable digital identity as they are registered on the blockchain, are also the most sought after. 

In fact, the range of these domains up for grabs includes those of one, two, and three characters, such as “1.go”, “pay.austin”, “bags.crypto” and the most requested domain of all, “x.x”. 

On the other hand, NFT acts as a distributor of these unique pieces by making them available to its over 100 million users. NFT: the new Web3 Premium domains from Unstoppable Domains available until August 9

As anticipated, the new partnership signed by and Unstoppable Domains makes these 200 premium Web3 domains available only until August 9 and on its NFT platform. 

These premium domains can also reach high prices. For example, the domain “000.eth” was sold for 317,759 dollars in 2022, while “business.crypto” was sold for 120,000 dollars in the same year. would have also purchased its domain for 12 million dollars and now offers users the possibility to acquire a .crypto domain for only 20 dollars.

In general, since Web3 domains are written on the public blockchain, they give the holder full ownership and the rights to publish any information on their domain. They support native cryptocurrency payments, allowing users to easily manage and send their tokens and crypto assets. 

Not only that, such domains can also be used by users to access the vast ecosystem of Unstoppable partner applications, send messages to other Web3 domain holders, and much more.

In this regard, Thomas Prevot, Director of Digital Partnerships at, said: 

“The ownership of domains is a fundamental element of today’s and tomorrow’s Web3 ecosystem. We are excited to bring this selection of premium domains to the market on and in collaboration with the pioneering industry leader, Unstoppable Domains”.

The latest collaborations

Unstoppable Domains continues to be the leader in the use of blockchain technology to give users and brands control over their digital identities. 

In this 2024, in addition to the partnership with, Unstoppable Domains has achieved other important collaborations. 

Among the various, there is the one with Pudgy Penguins, to launch the domain for its crypto community NFT of “.pudgy”.

Last May, Unstoppable Domains also collaborated with the organization Women In Tech, on the occasion of their Global Summit, which took place under the patronage of President Emmanuel Macron. Here, the first Web3 domain in the world dedicated to women: “.WITG” was launched.

Another important milestone has arrived with the collaboration with, the leading company in crypto finance. Here, the launch of the new Web3 domain “.blockchain”.  was inaugurated.

Unlike other Web3 domains, .blockchain will be enabled for DNS through a request to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The application will be executed in ICANN’s six-year registration program next year.