Crypto: Polkadot announces the release of an SDK to support Web3 gaming development

The crypto ecosystem of Polkadot can celebrate the introduction of a new Software Development Kit (SDK) dedicated to developers who want to build dapps in Web3 gaming.

In collaboration with Unity, the toolset will provide everything developers need to create successful interactive experiences, effectively accelerating the growth of the community and onboarding of new users.

At the same time, the DOT crypto seems to have woken up from the bear market and is preparing to set new local highs.

Polkadot revives its web3 gaming ecosystem thanks to a new SDK

Polkadot Play, the gaming division of the Polkadot blockchain project, today revealed the release of a new Software Development Kit (SDK) to its community, with which to create new applications and crypto experiences within its web3 gaming ecosystem.

This is a set of extremely useful tools for developers of cryptographic applications such as an API, debugger, compilers, code libraries, IDE, framework, reference documentation, usage licenses, string examples, and tutorials.

This set was created thanks to a collaboration with the Unity cross-platform graphics engine, which has simplified the game creation process on Polkadot to the maximum, laying the foundations for the growth of the entire crypto landscape.

Polkadot Play, managed through a decentralized governance, not only provides developers with appropriate tools for free, but also offers the presence of a dedicated technical support team to assist in the game integration phase.

This kind of approach, opening up to decentralization through the OpenGov system, allows for the creation of a fertile ground for the development of a series of successful use cases, ready to dive into the web3 sector.

Beyond tools and technical support, Polkadot intends to connect the best developers to its trusted partners, unlocking potential work relationships and business opportunities, and encouraging the flow of talent within its decentralized structure

In addition, Polkadot plans to support promising gaming projects through a financing plan via VC and crypto rewards.

In this regard, with the aim of supporting new ideas in the blockchain world, Polkadot Play has already announced the upcoming Game Jam (a hackathon) in partnership with the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), where developers will be invited to use the new SDK.

By leveraging the potential of both Polkadot and Unity, Polkadot Play is ready to expand connections with its audience, introducing a myriad of new gaming dapps and a series of experiences designed to disrupt the current hierarchy of dominant protocols on the blockchain in question.

Nicholas Douzinas, co-founder of the Polkadot-based gaming platform Ajuna, regarding the announcement of the SDK and Polkadot Play, stated that:

“Polkadot Play represents a monumental step forward in the decentralization of blockchain-based games. By creating a hub focused on gaming, we showcase the potential of Polkadot and provide a unique entry point for game developers to start building.”

Analysis of the crypto Polkadot (DOT)

While Polkadot’s web3 gaming ecosystem adds a fundamental piece to its cryptographic infrastructure, the DOT crypto seems to be on the verge of a violent bullish breakout.

Coming from a devastating bear market that lasted until October 2023, the central coin of the Relay chain started to recover in the last quarter of last year, and finally exploded from February onwards.

Specifically, since February 5th, prices have increased from 6.66 dollars to the current 11.31 dollars, representing an increase of almost 70% in just over a month.

The quotes where DOT is currently traded remain firm above the EMA 50 on the weekly time frame, suggesting that investor sentiment is openly bullish.

Now the challenge for Polkadot’s crypto is to recover the $13 zone, where a very insidious resistance is at play that in the past has served as support for a strong price correction.

Once this obstacle is overcome, DOT could dive into the liquidity pool between 15 and 17 dollars, where several traders are likely to be attracted.

On the other hand, the loss of the $10 threshold would open the doors to a bearish scenario, which would be accentuated at the breakdown of $8.5, effectively invalidating the bullish pattern in place.

The volumes of the past few weeks are promising that the bulls will keep the situation firmly in hand, with the coming weeks expected to be marked by increases unless BTC comes to spoil the party.

Speaking of Bitcoin, the dominance index of the dominance for the first cryptocurrency in the market is currently stable: if BTC.DOM were to decrease below 53 percentage points, DOT could be encouraged to reach new local highs.

On the contrary, an uphill dominance would push investors to abandon the risky ground of altcoins to enjoy higher returns with less risk directly on bitcoin.

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Weekly chart of Polkadot price (DOT/USDT), Binance market