EMERGE Group and TZ APAC are collaborating together to empower the web3 gaming ecosystem on the Tezos blockchain.

EMERGE Group, a Southeast Asian company that specializes in technology and marketing for blockchain projects, has announced a collaboration with TZ APAC, the leading builder of the Tezos web3 ecosystem.

The partnership will serve to increase the presence of games on the Tezos blockchain, bringing new users to experience the layer-1 as a foundation for future successful applications.

The goal is to accelerate the onboarding of web3 games into the cryptographic network through targeted advertising campaigns carefully planned by EMERGE Group.
All of this could trigger an upcoming rise for the XTZ crypto.

Let’s see below all the details.

EMERGE Group and TZ APAC join forces to accelerate the onboarding of Web3 games onto the Tezos blockchain

The latest crypto news from Singapore talk about the Southeast Asian company EMERGE Group and its partnership with TZ APAC, a developer of web3 ecosystems that supports the Tezos blockchain market.

EMERGE Group is focused on studying marketing strategies for the cryptographic technology sector and specializes in web3 games.

The collaboration between the two entities represents an opportunity to increase Tezos’ presence in the gameFi sector by promoting the onboarding of new users and the development of successful dapps.

The layer-1 network in particular will be able to leverage the previous experience of the Asian company that has worked with video game manufacturers such as Moonton, Singtel, and Shopback, and has accumulated important know-how regarding the most effective marketing techniques in the crypto world.

Working side by side, both industry leaders will commit to creating a seamless onboarding experience for promising game studios and promoting a supportive environment through the significant implementation of the Tezos blockchain that transcends Web2 and Web3 games.

The blockchain gaming industry has been growing rapidly in recent years and promises to become one of the main drivers for the mass adoption of cryptographic technologies.

It is estimated that this sector is already worth about 18 billion dollars today, but forecasts for the coming years indicate a huge growth opportunity.

Jason Lim, Business Development (Gaming) at TZ APAC, released this statement during the announcement of the partnership with EMERGE Group:

“With this collaboration, TZ APAC can now rely on a partner who shares the same goal: providing the gaming community with the tools, resources, and relevant network to succeed. Builders, players, and ecosystem partners can benefit from the combination of comprehensive support provided by TZ APAC and the marketing skills of EMERGE Group.”

On the other hand, Roy Kek, CEO and co-founder of the Asian company that will help Tezos become a leader in the world of web3 games, stated the following:

“We are honored to have been selected by TZ APAC as a strategic partner in support of their global Web3 gaming initiative. The partnership is a testament to EMERGE Group’s dedication and expertise in Web3 gaming, having worked with several major Web3 projects and successfully leading partnerships in the gaming industry.”

The Tezos ecosystem is growing: Possible rise for the XTZ crypto

The opportunity for growth in the web3 gaming sector on the blockchain could give the right boost to the TEZOS crypto (XTZ) to return to notable price performance in the coming year.

The cryptocurrency, born in June 2018 under the Tezos Foundation, has gone through a very volatile phase in the markets in its early years of existence, managing to achieve excellent results by the end of 2021, reaching a price of up to $9.13 per token with a market capitalization of over $7 billion.

The bear market of 2022, which affected the entire crypto sector as a whole, led to the cancellation of all previous years’ gains, recording a -90% from the all-time highs.

Weekly chart of the price of Tezos (XTZ/USD)

2023 was then a year of consolidation for Tezos cryptocurrency which tried to recover the lost values without achieving particularly positive results.

In particular, during the months of January and February XTZ grew by about 100% of its value, but then experienced strong downtrends from mid-March until the end of the summer season.

From October onwards, however, it seems that some bullish sentiment has been rekindled within the Tezos community, motivated by the broader rally of Bitcoin and the rest of the altcoin sector, which has led to widespread optimism throughout the market.

If the partnership between EMERGE Group and TZ APAC were to lead to the growth of the web3 gaming ecosystem on the Tezos blockchain, then many investors might decide to bet on the XTZ crypto, which is still not very developed in the decentralized application front.

On the technical front, a break of the graphical resistance set at 1 dollar could trigger an upward trend for the digital currency, which would definitively confirm its bullish destiny if it were to surpass the annual high of 1.48 dollars.

tezos web3 blockchain
Daily chart of Tezos price (XTZ/USD)

From there on, there would be a highway for the Tezos token that could even surpass previous all-time highs in the next trading year.

However, everything depends on the ability of the Tezos Foundation to value its blockchain as one of the best layers for the development of upcoming games and dApps.