FIFA in partnership with Modex dives into Web3 and integrates the blockchain

FIFA announces its rebrand to FIFA Collect and, in collaboration with Modex, dives into Web3, integrating blockchain technology. 

FIFA: the official rebranding and the dive into Web3 and blockchain in collaboration with Modex

The International Federation that governs the world of football, FIFA, has announced the official rebranding of its digital collecting platform: FIFA Collect. 

“The big day has arrived! @FIFAcom has announced the evolution of FIFA Collect, bringing some significant changes to the platform, in collaboration with @modex_tech:  

Rebranding of the platform to FIFA Collect to increase synergies with the FIFA world.

Official opening of FIFA Collect to all clubs and federations of the world.

Exploration of further ways to leverage Web3 and blockchain technologies to generate scalable value in the near future.

Modex is ready to rewrite the rules of the game alongside FIFA, with ambitious and revolutionary future projects. Join us on this extraordinary journey.

In the announcement, FIFA Collect also announces the strategic integration of Web3 and blockchain technology into its main operational structures, all in collaboration with Modex. 

Specifically, through the Web3 platform of digital collecting, fans will have the unique opportunity to own and interact with the digital pieces of their favorite football clubs and federations. 

In this way, FIFA Collect aims to enhance fan engagement and interaction to an unprecedented level.

FIFA and Modex together to leverage the advantages of Web3 and blockchain technology generating value 

The announcement goes on to state that the collaboration between FIFA Collect and Modex will serve to explore further ways to leverage Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies to generate scalable value in the near future.

Starting today, June 20, Modex and FIFA will share new projects at the  FIFA Plage at the Sport Beach forum in Cannes. 

In reality, FIFA Collect on Modex already exists and in the past has made headlines for some important collections.

Among others, there is the NFT collection for the FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023, which saw two launches in December 2023. The first featured as many as 100 rarer Non-Fungible Tokens that also offered the chance to secure tickets for the 2026 World Cup final.

The second launch, on the other hand, consisted of 900 NFTs issued on the Polygon network, made available on the OpenSea marketplace. This collection included the memorable moments of the tournament and the digital version of the memorabilia. 

The partnership with Algorand

In September 2022, then, FIFA had announced its collaboration with the blockchain Algorand, again to launch the NFT collection of FIFA Collect. 

Here too, new NFTs depicting the most significant moments of the FIFA World Cup matches have been put up for sale, both for the men’s and women’s tournaments. 

A few months later, with the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Algorand blockchain had recorded an increase of +15%.