Gaming: The Cryptonomist in the Evaluation Committee for the Innovation Award

The Cryptonomist is part of the Evaluation Committee to award the Innovation Prize, dedicated to gaming startups. This is the new Innovation District project, signed by ENADA 2024 in partnership with ANGI (National Association of Young Innovators), aimed at enhancing the excellence of the exhibiting companies in the sector. 

Gaming: The Cryptonomist in the Evaluation Committee to assign the Innovation Award

The Cryptonomist will participate in the Evaluation Committee of the new project Innovation District, signed Enada 2024, in partnership with ANGI (National Association of Young Innovators).

Specifically, the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of The Cryptonomist, Amelia Tomasicchio, is called, along with other professionals, to evaluate the various applications. Up for grabs, there will be the awarding of the Innovation Prize in the gaming and amusement sectors.

And indeed, the project Innovation District aims to enhance the excellence of exhibiting companies in the gaming and amusement sectors. The goal is to create new business opportunities for operators present at the fair who offer technologies, services, and solutions for the sector.

To apply, you just need to be a startup registered in the business register, in the special section of Innovative Start-Ups, or be an Italian (or foreign) company participating for the first time in Enada-RAS, with innovative products. 

Along with gaming, you can also apply for other cross-cutting categories, such as game developer, innovative payment systems, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity, AI, and more. 

Gaming: The Cryptonomist and the Innovation Award for young startups in the sector

Applications can be submitted by February 29th, by filling out the dedicated form.

Along with the physical space for exhibition, companies will have at their disposal dedicated communication before, during, and after the event. In this regard, three participation packages are provided.

The Evaluation Committee, of which Amelia Tomasicchio from The Cryptonomist is a part, will award four prizes to the declared winners:

  1. Start-Up Innovativa per il gaming;
  2. Innovative Start-Up for the amusement sector;
  3. Exhibitors Innovation Award for gaming;
  4. Exhibitors Innovation Award for the amusement sector. 

The new Innovation District project will be present at the 36th edition of Enada Primavera, the event that will take place from 12 to 14 March 2024, at the Rimini Expo Centre.

National ANGI Award 2023 in the Blockchain and Digital Industry section 

Last December 2023, The Cryptonomist had won the National ANGI Award 2023, in the Blockchain and Digital Industry section.

The award was received by Amelia Tomasicchio, who commented on the whole describing how important it is to contribute and innovate in this sector. 

Amelia emphasized the enthusiasm for the recognition obtained from The Cryptonomist, the first Italian newspaper to talk about crypto, present on the scene as a pioneer for over five years, trying to clarify the sector.