Hackatao arrives on the Sandbox metaverse with the NFT game “HACK the TAO”

Hackatao, the visionary duo of Web3 artists, tell the reimagined story of the NFT game “HACK the TAO”, already available on The Sandbox metaverse. 

Hackatao and the launch of the surreal NFT game on the Sandbox metaverse

As previously announced, the new surreal NFT game “HACK the TAO” by Hackatao for The Sandbox has arrived.

This is a surreal game created by the famous duo of visionary Web3 artists that involves the metaverse, crypto sector, and NFTs. 

Specifically, “HACK the TAO” is a hypnotic game, set in a dream world, imagined by Hackatao, which takes inspiration from their story and their artistic journey in the crypto world. 

The goal for players will be to restore the balance of the Universe (TAO) and defeat the forces of centralization. 

“HACK the TAO” is the result of years of development, with the creation and construction of this surreal world already back in 2020. Not by chance, The Sandbox’s NFT metaverse was already talking about it four years ago on X: 

“This week another team of creators joins forces to build an incredible game! HACK the TAO by @Hackatao is an upcoming game inspired by the narrative of “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.””

Hackatao tells the story of “HACK the TAO”: the NFT game on the Sandbox metaverse

Going into more detail, the Hackatao wanted to tell the surreal story of the new NFT game “HACK the TAO”. 

However, the premise is that the player understands first who the creator is, namely the Hackatao. In this regard, the duo of artists emphasized the following: 

“Hackatao derives from the word “hacker”, meaning a person who faces intellectual challenges to avoid or overcome the limits imposed on every aspect of their life by someone or something, in a creative way, and from “tao”, the concept that indicates the balance between chaos and order, understood as a living Whole in continuous evolution.”

That being said, the two creators of the game talking about “HACK the TAO”, describing Hack Land on The Sandbox and the protagonist hero Lady Hack. 

Generally, the task of the player identified in Lady Hack will be to evolve every time they encounter the blocks that permeate a centralized world. There will also be works of art that have come to life, artists and ancient villains, and current enemies of sovereignty. 

Among the various characters, there are the PODMORKS, the cute guardians and the wise ones of Hack Land.

The Podmorks hold the key to navigate through the extravagant corridors of Hackatao’s subconscious. Some will guide the search and others will be a vital lifeline as the player fights for the world of Web3.

More hostile, instead, is the CTHULHU, the guardian of the underground world, a dangerous enemy whose spirit resides in all of us. It is said that once his call has echoed, it can no longer be ignored. The secret to defeating this enemy is to win the inner battle.

Anyway, every character in the game, friend or foe, pays homage to Hackatao’s artistic journey. 

The SAND crypto: price and trading volume

When talking about The Sandbox and its innovations as a crypto project of the metaverse, it is necessary to also take a look at the price of its native token SAND. 

And so, looking at the chart, the price of SAND is down by -32% compared to a week ago. At the time of writing, SAND is worth $0.42. 

This bear market trend also follows a bit the one of the main cryptos, like Bitcoin (BTC) which, at the time of writing, has slipped to $60,000.

Not only that, SAND is in 82nd position in the overall crypto ranking, with a total market cap of 951 million dollars. 

For the specific category of “metaverse cryptos”, however, SAND is in eighth place, behind Axie Infinity (AXS) and MultiversX (EGLD), but still above the other historical metaverse crypto Decentraland (MANA).