Hackatao debuts on The Sandbox with the new surreal NFT game ‘Hack The Tao’

Hackatao, the visionary duo of Web3 artists, debut on The Sandbox with the new surreal NFT game “Hack The Tao”. The game features characters inspired by the world of art and crypto. 

Hackatao and the new surreal NFT game ‘Hack The Tao’ on The Sandbox

Hackatao, the famous Web3 artist duo, are launching their new NFT-based game on The Sandbox this spring 2024. 

It’s called “Hack The Tao” and it’s a hypnotic game set in a dream world imagined by Hackatao, drawing inspiration from their story and artistic journey in the crypto world.

The protagonist of the new NFT game is Lady Hack, accompanied by a series of characters inspired by artists, collectors, artworks, and both inner and external monsters. 

The ultimate goal of the game signed Hackatao is to restore balance in the universe and defeat the forces of centralization.

At the moment, an exact launch date is not available, but what is known is that it will be during this spring season of 2024. 

Hackatao and Hack The Tao: the new surreal NFT game on The Sandbox

The new NFT game “Hack the TAO” is currently in development, with the beginning of the construction of this surreal world back in 2020. Hackatao, however, informs that the seeds for this new game were planted a long time ago:

“I (S) used to code games with the Commodore Amiga in the late ’80s, and now this spring Hack The Tao will arrive on @TheSandbox. The circle is complete.”

Basically, for the Hackatao, the passion for creating their own video games, as well as playing them, has found a place in Hack The Tao on The Sandbox, where both passions, art and

game, they found a kingdom to exist together. 

Not only that, here’s how the Hackatao explain the new NFT game:

“Hack the Tao may seem like a game with a complex story, but the key to understanding it is to know our art and our artistic journey. We expect the player, after the experience, to ask themselves questions, to understand the hidden connections of the game”.

After all, Hackatao has always aimed for an artistic approach, and it’s no different this time with Hack the Tao, the gaming experience that goes beyond simply fighting, defeating, jumping, and collecting. For Hackatao, art can save the world, and it can do so in all its forms.

The Aleph-0 generative art project

In late November 2023, Hackatao made headlines thanks to their project Aleph-0, created in collaboration with Insight.

This project would have revealed the convergence of art, mathematics, and quantum physics through NFT.

Specifically, Aleph-0 embraces the infinite within clearly defined boundaries, giving life to a digital realm where a continuous line acts as a portal into the mysterious depths of the unconscious. 

This line meanders on the canvas, revealing the subtle complexities of our perception and recalling the horror vacui often present in Hackatao’s work. 

In other words, Aleph-0 is configured as a generative art project. A pioneering long-term generative art initiative that utilizes the Art Blocks Engine.