Honda races in the metaverse of Life Beyond with a new Web3 gameplay

Honda, in collaboration with Darewise and Animoca Brands Japan, is ready to race in the Life Beyond metaverse, with a new Web3 automotive gameplay. 

Honda and the metaverse: the new Web3 gameplay with Darewise and Animoca Brands

Darewise, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and the company behind the Life Beyond metaverse, together with Animoca Brands Japan, has announced a new collaboration with Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

At stake, there is the development of a new Web3 automotive gameplay, related to transportation and vehicles in Life Beyond, the upcoming AAA science fiction game.

“Our branches @Darewise and @Animocabrandskk have announced a collaboration with @HondaJP to develop together a gameplay related to transportation and vehicles in

@LifeBeyond the next AAA science fiction game developed by Darewise.”

In practice, the collaboration will see world-class innovation and the expertise of the Honda team integrated into Life Beyond, to usher in a new era of transportation in the world of Dolos, the planet where Life Beyond takes place.

Specifically, Honda and Darewise will collaborate on the development of new game elements such as game objects, activities, and ordinal objects. 

Honda in the Life Beyond metaverse: the upcoming AAA sci-fi Web3 game

With this partnership, Honda actively participates in the “concept art” of a vehicle, to traverse the world of Dolos, the setting of the game Life Beyond. 

In this regard, Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise, stated:

“We are excited to establish a deep relationship with Honda as our key automotive partner. In addition to adding utility and style to the game, we believe that the ideation and innovation generated from this collaboration will greatly enhance the gaming experience.”

For Honda, this is not the first appearance in a metaverse. In fact, already last July 2022, Honda had presented its virtual world within the famous video game Fortnite, designed for Twitch, called Hondaverse.

In practice, on Hondaverse, there are custom Fortnite maps, within which streamers and players can challenge each other with virtual parkour races and trivia questions. 

The partnership with FCF Pay to accept crypto

In addition to the metaverse, the Tokyo-based auto giant, Honda, seems to also be open to embracing the crypto world. 

And indeed, last October 2023, thanks to the partnership with FCF Pay, Honda began accepting payments in crypto such as Ripple (XRP) and Dogecoin (DOGE) for the purchase of its products.

Customers can both purchase and rent the company’s products, using as many as 46 cryptocurrencies supported by FCF Pay for Honda.