How to choose a safe casino zonder Cruks?

Did you know that more bonuses and games are available at online casino without Cruks? Casinos zonder Cruks may still be legal in other countries with international gambling licenses. But is it a safe choice to bypass the Central Register for Exclusion of Gambling? First, it’s essential to learn more about Cruks register.

In October 2021, the first online casinos with a Dutch gambling license went live. To play here, you must not be listed in Cruks. This register is used by the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) to track who is allowed to gamble and who is not.

It’s similar to temporarily blocking your account at an online casino abroad, but Cruks operates at a national level across all of the Netherlands. You’re then prohibited from online gambling everywhere. Moreover, physical casinos will also deny you entry.

Gambling sites without a Dutch KSA license are not required to connect to Cruks. However, a Dutch casino without Cruks does not exist. Are there risks associated with these online casinos? Or could it even be more advantageous? Experts from OnlineCasinosSpelen will tell you everything about online casinos without Cruks.

Gambling Without Cruks

If you’re interested in online gambling without Cruks, it’s useful to understand what the central register does. Essentially, it’s a national service that easily facilitates a gambling stop, offering addicted gamblers a chance to protect themselves.

Registering means you cannot gamble in the Netherlands for at least six months. This period can be extended up to 99 years. Cancellation is only possible after the first six months. Furthermore, an online casino can register you on Cruks if they have sufficient evidence of your gambling addiction. However, it’s still possible to gamble without registration.

A minimum of six months might seem quite long. You might also disagree with a provider’s ability to exclude you from online casinos. For these reasons, a gambling site without Cruks likely appears more appealing, offering more control over your gambling habits.

If you’re an expat not living in the Netherlands, Cruks need not concern you. In that case, choose from the best international online casinos for your gaming needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Casinos Without CRUKS in the Netherlands

Casinos operating under foreign licenses in the Netherlands are often not part of the CRUKS regime. Offshore casinos might have a license from Curaçao, Malta, Gibraltar, Costa Rica, or other countries. They meet necessary criteria, but not specifically Dutch standards.

The advantage of foreign casinos is that they don’t have to adhere to the Dutch Gambling Authority’s standards, such as maintaining a CRUKS register. Additionally, these sites often have less stringent requirements on play limits, bonuses, conditions, and the range of gambling games. However, a downside is the lesser emphasis on responsible gambling.

Advantages of Casinos Without CRUKS:

  • More lenient requirements for bonuses and associated terms.
  • Simplified casino account registration and easier KYC (Know Your Customer) process.
  • Fewer play limits compared to Dutch casinos with CRUKS.
  • Access to all casinos without self-exclusion restrictions.
  • Greater variety of gambling games and providers, offering more choice and diversity for players.
  • Potential to benefit from more favorable payout percentages in some foreign casinos.

Disadvantages of Casinos Without CRUKS:

  • No player protection from the Dutch Gambling Authority (KSA).
  • More challenging to control gambling behavior due to fewer play limits.
  • Limited options for gambling addiction help, such as self-exclusion.

Playing at Gambling Sites Without Cruks

Cruks doesn’t relate to the safety of a gambling site. Gambling outside Cruks doesn’t put you in danger. It means taking responsibility to prevent a gambling addiction, without a government entity addressing or denying you access to gambling sites. 

To assist, trustworthy casinos without Cruks allow you to set limits. OCS team strongly recommends doing this. Here are the limits and how to set them:

  • Deposit Limit: Decide how much you can deposit daily, weekly, or monthly. Align this with the portion of your income you can afford to lose.
  • Session Limit: Set how many hours you can be online daily, weekly, or monthly. Ensure that gambling doesn’t disrupt your social life.
  • Reality Check: To avoid tunnel vision, the casino will send periodic notifications. This helps you realize how long you’ve been playing without losing touch with the outside world.
  • Play Limit: Some gambling sites without Cruks let you decide how much you can bet daily, weekly, or monthly. This is separate from your deposit limit and can prevent you from gambling away your winnings.
  • Self-Exclusion: As a last resort, you can exclude yourself. Since it’s a casino without Cruks, this often applies only to the specific platform, but in some cases, like with Aspire Global, it includes other sites owned by the same company.

Casino Without Cruks iDEAL

Despite only Dutch online casinos being connected to Cruks, there are iDEAL casinos without Cruks. Various gambling sites from Curaçao, Costa Rica, or Kahnawake include it among their payment methods.

Technically, offering iDEAL as a payment method without a KSA license goes against the Remote Gambling Act. The Gambling Authority considers this targeting the Dutch market.

Hence, there’s a risk for players at these iDEAL online casinos. They risk sanctions, which could lead to closure or withdrawal from the Dutch market.

OnlineCasinosSpelen suggests looking for online casinos with Volt, Astropay or Sofort. These are also simple payment methods that work with various Dutch banks.

Moreover, they’re reliable if you ensure a secure connection. This is indicated by the lock icon next to the URL in the search bar. However, the payment method doesn’t affect how quickly a casino processes withdrawals. For this information, read the terms and conditions to understand their payout speed.

Reliable Casino Without Cruks

Before registering at a new gambling site, it’s crucial to check its reliability. This includes reading OCS’s honest casino reviews. There are many reliable casinos without Cruks.

Choose a Licensed Casino

An essential factor is the license of the casino without Cruks. Licenses from the MGA and the British Gambling Commission are generally considered very reliable.

These authorities have strict conditions for granting a gambling license. They also assist players with payout issues, something you can’t rely on with unlicensed casinos.

Other common licenses are from Curacao, Costa Rica, and the Canadian Kahnawake reserve. These are less reliable as the authorities are less strict. These licenses are popular with crypto casinos, as Malta, the UK, and the Netherlands don’t allow this payment method.

Be cautious, as many online casinos without Cruks claim to have such licenses, which may not be true. Always verify the authenticity of the license number provided.

Beware of Fake Copies of Slot Machines

At some casinos without Cruks, you might encounter fake slot machines. This only happens at sites with a false or no license. Otherwise, they must prove actual collaboration with the providers. The developers, in turn, must provide certificates proving the RNG is thoroughly checked and fair.

One way to identify an official version is by visually comparing the original and the copy. On many providers’ websites, you can try the slots for free. If you notice differences, even small ones in the design, it’s likely a fake.

For a more advanced test, check the origin of the game. Slot machines are not hosted on the websites without Cruks. Studios lend them, so the source code comes directly from the developer. reviews always mention if a website uses fake copies.

Read Other Players’ Complaints

Additionally, check if a casino without Cruks is safe by reviewing player complaints. However, discerning which complaints are valid is an art. Many players become angry when unlucky and might make exaggerated claims against the gambling site.

Also, observe how the company behind the website resolves these issues. If there’s no response, it’s better to stay away.

Can You Bypass Cruks?

The Cruks system is integrated with the Dutch state. When registering at a Dutch online casino, you must verify your identity. This process ensures that you are at least 18 or 24 years old.

All identity documents with your BSN (Citizen Service Number) are linked in this way. This enables gambling sites to recognize your identity and refuse service if you are listed in Cruks. However, if you have an identity document without a BSN, the system won’t recognize you.

Thus, it’s possible to create an account using a foreign passport or driver’s license. For better self-protection, it’s advised to add all your official documents to your Cruks profile. 

Another way to circumvent the register is by registering at one of the online casinos without Cruks. These foreign brands often allow you to request exclusion for as short as a week. So, at a casino without verification, it’s not necessary to block yourself for at least six months.

Tips for Safe Gambling

Choosing an online casino without Cruks doesn’t mean you should be careless with your money. OnlineCasinosSpelen still advises responsible gambling. There are several rules you can follow for responsible play at a gambling site.

For instance, it’s recommended to gamble only when sober. Just like a land-based casino won’t allow entry if you’re intoxicated, online gambling requires full control over your decisions. Otherwise, you might risk losing significant amounts impulsively.

Moreover, trying to recover debts or losses through gambling is never a good idea. Nor is borrowing money to gamble. With gambling, there’s always a chance of losing. A good rule is to not wager money you can’t afford to lose.

If you’re lucky enough to win, regularly cash out your earnings. This helps to resist the urge to reinvest your winnings in hopes of winning more.

Lastly, it’s important to take regular breaks. Setting a maximum duration for your gambling sessions is advisable. Your social life should not be compromised for gambling.


Is It Safe and Reliable to Play at Online Casinos Without Cruks?

Cruks isn’t about safety or reliability; it’s simply a national register for protecting individuals with gambling addiction. The safety and reliability of a casino without Cruks can be assessed by its licenses, customer service, and the nature of complaints it receives.

What is an Online Casino Without Cruks and How Does It Work?

Any gambling site without a Dutch license is considered an online casino without Cruks. Cruks is a register by the KSA to protect players with a (potential) gambling problem. If you’re listed in Cruks, you’re prohibited from gambling anywhere in the Netherlands.

What Are the Key Features to Look for When Choosing an Online Casino Without Cruks?

It’s vital to ensure that the casino without Cruks has a license from somewhere. Also, check that they offer fair games, don’t have serious complaints, and have reasonable terms and conditions.

What Are the Advantages of Playing at an Online Casino Without Cruks?

When you gamble outside Cruks, you have control over when and how long you request an exclusion. A Cruks casino can decide you might have an addiction and list you, preventing you from gambling anywhere in the Netherlands for at least six months.

What Payment Methods are Accepted at Online Casinos Without Cruks?

Since an online casino without Cruks doesn’t have a Dutch gambling license, they shouldn’t let you deposit with iDEAL, but sometimes they do. OnlineCasinosSpelen recommends Astropay and Volt as reliable payment methods. Additionally, some gambling sites accept cryptocurrency deposits.