Lacoste: its NFT ecosystem joins Web3 with “The Mission”

French crocodile brand Lacoste has announced its new Web3 experience, ‘The Mission’, where UNDW3 NFT holders will be able to access points-based competitions and receive rewards and prizes.

Lacoste enriches its NFT at UNDW3 with new Web3 experiences

Lacoste, the famous French clothing and footwear brand, has announced its plans to expand its NFT ecosystem in a series of tweets: 

 “Crocodiles, The UNDW3 Charter represents a new chapter in our project, a unique opportunity for brand builders and entrepreneurs to shape the future of the Lacoste brand while unlocking a new level of utility. 

Let’s dive in. The UNDW3 card is more than just a JPEG: it is a dynamic NFT that reflects your activity within our community. All NFTs in the Genesis Pass were identical, with no rarity. Now the rarity of your UNDW3 Card is in your hands.”

In practice, Lacoste spoke directly to his community and presented a new model of experience, utility and rewards through “The Mission”

This involves new activities such as conversation, gamification, mission solving and co-creation, involving UNDW3 NFT holders, who will also be able to earn points through the blockchain. 

The UNDW3 NFT already acts as a ticket to access a number of benefits, such as privileged access to the Lacoste UNDW3 Wardrobe, but also participation in ‘The Mission’. 

By accumulating points, Lacoste NFT holders move up the rankings, making their non-fungible token rarer and more valuable. 

Until 20 July, any UNDW3 NFT holder can claim their first points based on their activity on Discord over the past year.

Lacoste: the NFT ecosystem and its long-term Web3 vision

Lacoste released its UNDW3 collection of 11,212 NFTs with profile picture (PFP) in June 2022, offering the “Genesis Pass” to its community. 

Each NFT in the collection was mint for 0.08 ETH, the equivalent of about $95 at the time. Then, in September, crocodile-themed NFTs were delivered to holders.

Now, with “The Mission”, the French retailer is going online3. Catherine Spindler, Deputy General Manager of Lacoste, said:

“Pioneering the concept of a dynamic NFT within our industry is a testament to our bold vision,” said Spindler. “Beyond the fleeting trends surrounding NFTs and the metaverse, we see blockchain as an accelerator, ushering in a more inclusive and experiential digital realm. By rewarding co-creators and fostering horizontal relationships with our customers, we invite them into our creative process.”

In addition, Lacoste has recently launched a creativity competition with 20 new UNDW3 NFT cards as prizes. 

 “Creativity competition: 20 new UNDW3 NFT cards to win, create your own vision of the Abyss where the UNDW3 card lives next to our legendary crocodile.

The competition is over and the winners have been announced! Head over to Discord to see if your creation has won you one of 20 UNDW3 NFT cards.”

Every industry creates its ‘future’ with technology

Just like Lacoste, other brands in other industries are increasingly trying to create their own way into the Web3, using blockchain and creating what could be called the ‘future’. 

The latest news concerns the Warner Music Group, which has partnered with Polygon, Ethereum’s Layer 2, to accelerate and promote a new generation of innovation that combines music and Web3

It is a programme aimed at the “future” of music, where developers can launch new projects and dApps using the Polygon network protocols. 

The main target group are companies and entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about using Web3 technologies. 

The programme will enable various music-related activities, such as the promotion of artist and fan communities, the creation of decentralised music production and distribution systems, and the innovation of ticketing solutions. 

It will also explore music-related merchandising or digital/physical collectibles, and the integration of music with interactive technologies and games.