McDonald’s Hong Kong: the launch of McNuggets land in The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox (SAND), the decentralized gaming metaverse affiliated with Animoca Brands, was recently chosen as the platform to create the very first Web3 experience for McDonald’s Hong Kong

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The interactive adventure into the world of McNuggets in McDonald’s Hong Kong’s Sandbox (SAND)

As anticipated, The Sandbox (SAND) has been selected as the platform to develop the first Web3 experience dedicated to McDonald’s Hong Kong. 

This new virtual playground, known as McNuggets Land, celebrates the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets and offers a series of online and virtual activities related to the motto “Please Share,” as stated by Animoca Brands in a statement Thursday.

Hence, users can now enjoy an exclusive gaming experience within The Sandbox, interacting with in-game characters based on McDonald’s famous Chicken McNuggets and taking selfies to share on social media.

Guided by Coach McNugget and Assistant Coach McNugget, participants can explore the 40-year history of Chicken McNuggets in the virtual art gallery, serve McNuggets to customers in the virtual environment, and enjoy a variety of themed mini-games that test players’ skills.

Users participating in McNuggets Land also have the chance to earn various digital and physical prizes, including 100,000 SAND (the currency of The Sandbox) and mystery boxes.

In addition, eligible users in Hong Kong will receive shared coupons worth 10,000 McNuggets and ten lucky winners will receive free McNuggets for an entire year. 

To participate, users only need an e-mail account and a simple online registration. 

Some statements regarding the collaboration between Sandbox and McDonald’s Hong Kong. 

Randy Lai, managing director of McDonald’s Hong Kong, said the following on the matter: 

“Rooted in Hong Kong for 48 years, McDonald’s has always strived to offer innovative experiences and happy moments. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets, we’re thrilled to partner with The Sandbox to bring a fun-filled McDonald’s-themed Web3 Metaverse gaming experience to our customers.”

Co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, expressly stated the company’s satisfaction with McDonald’s Hong Kong’s choice to use The Sandbox as a platform to celebrate the McNuggets’ 40th anniversary. 

This opportunity allows users around the world to immerse themselves in the metaverse and discover more about the famous Chicken McNuggets. Indeed, Borget praised the work done by the Hong Kong-based metaverse studio, Pangu by Kenal, which has been able to bring the Chicken McNuggets characters to life in an interactive way.

Regarding the future, Borget stressed the importance for McDonald’s Hong Kong to experiment with the potential of the metaverse as an effective tool to playfully engage its audience, thereby building brand and managing loyalty.

In addition, Borget expressed enthusiasm about future online promotions that could leverage the potential of Web3 and the true digital properties found in The Sandbox.

McDonald’s Hong Kong’s entry into The Sandbox reflects the company’s recent track record, with numerous collaborations initiated with hundreds of global brands and intellectual properties, many of which are preparing virtual brand experiences for their audiences.

The Sandbox moving a little closer to mass adoption of the metaverse 

During 2023, The Sandbox gained momentum by offering self-publishing features and tools for brand partners and creators. 

The launch of self-publishing allows partners to fully leverage the potential of the metaverse and monetize their brand, offering an accessible customer experience for all. 

Sebastien Borget said this will lead to a richer and more rewarding experience for users of The Sandbox, making it a true virtual store of culture.

The collaboration with McDonald’s Hong Kong was highlighted as an important step for The Sandbox, given that working with such a global brand brings the goal of mass adoption of the metaverse closer

The Sandbox is a mix of virtual real estate and amusement park, fully embracing the idea of the metaverse as a shared digital space where worlds and heroes come together to create magical experiences.

With more than 400 partners, including prominent names such as Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Gucci Vault, The Walking Dead, and many others, The Sandbox continues to follow its vision of enabling players to create unique experiences using both original and well-known characters and worlds.