Mercato NFT news: sales are dropping while the Bitcoin blockchain dominates

In the last week, the NFT market has seen a 25.48% decrease in sales compared to the previous week. Dominating the scene in terms of blockchain is still Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum and Solana, although all three have seen a decrease in Non-Fungible Token revenues. 

NFT Market news: sales drop by over 25% as Bitcoin dominates the scene

According to the data from, the NFT market is experiencing a sales drop of over 25% in the last week, compared to the previous week.

Specifically, yesterday’s data showed that weekly revenues from Non-Fungible Tokens decreased by 25.48% compared to the previous week, for a total of approximately $236.96 million.

So far, Bitcoin’s blockchain continues to dominate the NFT market with total sales of $108.02 million, a decrease of -38.41% compared to last week.

On the podium of blockchains, there are Ethereum with 49.63 million dollars in NFT sales, down by -20.53% and Solana with 33.72 million dollars but also down by 22.9%.

The only Blockchains to reverse the trend and have recorded increases in NFT sales in the last week seem to be Polygon in fourth place, with $14.85 million and an increase of 18.52%. Also Flow and Cardano have seen increases of +19% and +94% respectively. 

NFT Market news: Uncategorized Ordinals on Bitcoin is the best-selling collection of the week

When it comes to NFT collections, Uncategorized Ordinals on Bitcoin continues to dominate the scene in the last week, with $33.56 million in sales. However, the revenue from the weekly NFT collection is down by -40% compared to the previous week. 

Continuing with the ranking of the most sold NFT collections in the last week, there is WZRD BRC20 with 19.88 million dollars. Here, sales are increasing by a whopping 105% compared to the previous week.

The third highest-grossing collection was PUPS BRC20, which achieved $13.91 million in sales, marking a 68% decrease compared to last week. 

Anyway, except for the NFT collection by DMarket developed on the Mythos blockchain and ranked fourth for total sales in dollars, the top 6 collections are all instead developed on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

BitBoy One: the new Web3 game sold out in two minutes

On April 17th, the sale of the new Web3 game, BitBoy One, launched by Ordz Games (of Bitcoin Ordinals) took place. It is a portable gaming device and wallet, of which the entire stock of 1,000 units sold out in just two minutes.

BitBoy One is inspired by the iconic Nintendo Game Boy from 1989, with the aim of capturing a wide audience of players, from nostalgic ones who grew up in the 80s-90s to modern digital collectors. 

Basically, BitBoy One incorporates advanced Web3 functions that allow players to play and interact with the Bitcoin blockchain, earning BTC through the game. 

Not only that, each unit of the BitBoy One is not just a gaming device but also a collectible piece of art, equipped with a digital NFT rendering that increases its value and makes it more attractive.