Mercedes-Benz launches its third NFT collection in seven chapters

Mercedes-Benz is ready to enter the arena for the third time with a new NFT collection: Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons. 

This is the launch of “The Luxury Era,” the first of seven chapters, which will be available from 5 September 2023, and is intended to represent a journey exploring the design heritage of the celebrated brand. 

Mercedes-Benz: the third NFT collection aims to explore the brand’s design heritage

Mercedes-Benz NXT, Mercedes-Benz‘s new home for digital objects, has announced the launch of its third NFT collection, Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons, which will be divided into seven chapters, each called an “era.” 

From 5 September 2023, “The Luxury Era” collection will be available for mint directly on the Mercedes-Benz website, after which all NFTs can be sold on secondary marketplaces. 

Basically, the whole collection of the seven “eras,” Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons, is meant to represent a journey of exploration of the famous brand’s design heritage

How? By creating digital reinterpretations of Mercedes-Benz’s most iconic models, created by the Mercedes-Benz design team led by Chief Design Officer, Gorden Wagener.

Specifically, as with “The Luxury Era,” each “era” of Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons, will consist of approximately 2,700 collectibles, for a total of 18,860 pieces. In addition, each new chapter will be released over time, every few months.

Mercedes-Benz and the NFT collection “The Luxury Era”

The first of the seven eras, “The Luxury Era,” is an NFT collection based on the following models: Mercedes- AMG SL 63, Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600, Mercedes-Benz EQS 580, Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E PERFORMANCE, Mercedes-Benz G 500, and Mercedes-Maybach S 680.

In general, the choice to begin with “the era of luxury,” was described by Mercedes-Benz, as an inspiration to stay true to tradition while constantly evolving. This also means going beyond the physical and exploring the digital.

In this regard, Design Officer Gorden Wagener said: 

“Digital luxury is crucial when it comes to staging the desirability of tomorrow. With our Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons collection, we have succeeded in further developing digital collectibles as an inspiring and innovative aspect of iconic luxury, reinterpreting current as well as historic vehicles. Our goal is to keep on conveying the extraordinary experience of our Mercedes-Benz products and to even excel the previous X-factor.”

From the theme of movement and speed of spokes to brand design

While Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons is based on the exploration of the brand’s design heritage, Mercedes-Benz’s first NFT collection, “Machine,” offered an exploration of the theme of motion and speed of spokes.

And indeed, it was June 2023, when the motor giant had revealed full details of its first Non-Fungible Token collection. 

“Machine” had been created together with Dutch artist Harm Van den Dorpel and art collector Fingerprints DAO

It was an Ethereum-based 1,000 NFT collection that played on the themes of speed and perception, as the artwork mimics a moving wheel. 

The second NFT collection, “Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities,” on the other hand, was launched in August 2023, and it deals with 1,886 pieces that will be exclusively allocated to a small number of top Mercedes-Benz customers.

These three NFT collections mark a long-term commitment of the automotive brand and the blockchain. To facilitate this goal, Mercedes has also established an exclusive partnership with the Omnicom creative agency network.