New Discoveries Unveil the True Identity of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Authentic Nature of His Works, Paving the Way for Exclusive NFT Collection


No genius in the history of art has ever sparked as much fascination and mystery as Leonardo Da Vinci. But what if everything we thought we knew about him is up for debate? 

Michele Lombardi, a passionate researcher, has dedicated years to uncovering scientific evidence that reveals the true identity of Leonardo Da Vinci and the authentic nature of his works. What he has discovered changes our understanding of the Renaissance artist, shedding new light on his unparalleled genius. 

According to Lombardi’s research, Leonardo Da Vinci was much more than a mere painter and inventor. His works of art have been misinterpreted for centuries, masking their true essence and profound meaning. Behind Leonardo Da Vinci’s works lie cryptic messages, hidden symbols, and clues that unveil a secret world intertwined with immensely powerful circles of that time. 

“The Great Story of Leonardo Da Vinci by Michele” unveils Michele Lombardi’s captivating journey of discovering a truth that could redefine our understanding of art history and the brilliant mind of Leonardo Da Vinci. Are you ready to explore the hidden depths of one of the greatest artists of all time? Are you prepared to intellectually challenge the common perception of Leonardo Da Vinci and his works? 

Michele Lombardi invites all art and culture enthusiasts to join him in this extraordinary discovery. Through an engaging journey supported by scientific evidence and detailed analysis, “The Great Story of Leonardo Da Vinci by Michele” will bring to light new perspectives on the life and work of this unparalleled genius. 

In collaboration with Michele Lombardi, Mars 1982 Ltd, a marketing and blockchain company, will create exclusive NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for each chapter of the great story of Leonardo Da Vinci. These unique NFTs will include images of faces and unpublished material related to Lombardi’s discoveries and research. They will provide an opportunity for art enthusiasts and collectors to own exclusive pieces of this extraordinary narrative. 

To stay updated on this exciting journey, we invite you to visit the website Here you will find detailed information about Michele Lombardi’s discoveries, as well as the opportunity to collect exclusive NFTs linked to each chapter of the story. 

Get ready to uncover an unknown world, where nothing is as it seems.