Solana Crypto Art: debuting at Art Basel Miami Beach

Solana introduces new crypto art artists who will debut at Art Basel, the leading international art fair in Miami Beach.

Solana Crypto Art: not just technology but a platform reshaping the art world

Solana has released the names of crypto art artists who will debut at Art Basel, the leading international art fair in Miami Beach.

Basically, Solana’s mission is to share with its audience that it is not just a technology, but a real platform that can reshape the art world. 

And indeed, on its dedicated website, Solana talks about its crypto art at Art Basel as an innovative and creative meeting between artists and collectors. Here is what he writes:

“Artists on Solana explore new digital mediums and gain global audiences, while collectors access marketplaces without barriers, discovering talent worldwide. And now, the community of artists, creatives, and collectors using Solana are making their debut at Art Basel Miami Beach with a unique, innovative experience.”

Solana Crypto Art: who are the new artists at Art Basel Miami Beach?

The new artists Solana will bring to Art Basel, as witnesses to the crypto art it can offer, are: Eko33, Lisanne Haack, and Sleepr

Eko33, whose real name is Jean-Jacques Duclaux, uses custom software and a spectrum of coding languages to transform physical sketches into beautiful coded works of art.

Next, abstract visual painter Lisanne Haack will incorporate technologies such as Virtual Reality (or VR) and Artificial Intelligence (or AI) into her work. In this way, her abstract expressionist paintings will go on another level, inside the Solana ecosystem. 

Then as a third artist there is Sleepr, who fuses the aesthetics of complex hallucinations with coded artworks to connect with audiences on a more authentic level, free from the burden of identity. 

All three artists are part of the Solana ecosystem, dedicated to crypto art. 

SOL in 7% dump in last seven days

The week-long crypto, Solana (SOL), with a total market cap of more than $23.7 billion, is in a -7% price dump over the past seven days. 

Who knows maybe it is a readjustment move, but SOL is currently worth $56, up from $60 last week. Nothing like SOL’s $32 a month ago, before the bull run of Bitcoin and the entire crypto market, which also led to SOL then +71%. 

In contrast to BTC, however, SOL may have started its descent in mid-November, when it was discovered that an FTX-linked wallet transferred 250,000 SOL to Binance. 

The amount was equivalent to $13.54 million and was likely part of the program already authorized by the bankruptcy court to divest assets to monetize. Since then, SOL that had touched $64 has returned to $54, with some fluctuation to the present day.