Sony: AI to create characters for video games and other media from conversations

Sony, the electronics and video game giant, has developed a new model of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create new “non-player” fantasy characters.

In practice, the model transforms dialogue fragments and gives birth to new characters adapted for video games or other media. 

Sony: the AI model transforms conversations into characters for video games and other media

Sony has developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) model that uses fragments of conversations to create new fantasy characters.

These characters can be adapted into video games or other media, such as advertising campaigns. 

In practice, in the context of character creation using large-scale language models, the electronics giant wanted to automate everything with AI.

Specifically, that process which involves training a natural language model with fine-tuning through other parameters and human feedback has been replaced. 

In fact, the new process uses AI to extract key details from the dialogue and create new AI fantasy characters. 

This template could theoretically be used to leverage human conversations to also build advertising characters.

Sony: how does the new AI model of the electronics giant work?

First of all, the Sony team has described that through the new AI-based model, the newly created characters become “less boring”.

This is because the new model developed by Sony approaches the problem of character construction from a different perspective. Instead of starting from scratch, Sony uses a process that “extracts” and develops the character based on existing information. 

In practice, the team has trained artificial intelligence to distinguish useful information from non-useful information, and the result has been the development of real characters. 

The experiment has been adapted for the creation of artificial agents in video games, such as non-player characters (NPCs). 

Not only that, such AI characters are able to generate dialogues which, in combination with other systems, can become real-time chats, while maintaining their character. 

As anticipated, another use of AI characters could be for advertising or commercial purposes. In this sense, the more accurately a character could reflect an individual consumer, the more targeted the advertisements directed at him could be.

The closure of GameStop’s NFT marketplace

Staying in the gaming field, the major video game retailer GameStop has decided to close its NFT marketplace in these days.

Starting from February 2nd, users will no longer have access and will not be able to buy, sell, or create Non-Fungible Tokens. 

Obviously, GameStop reassures that all NFT holders will not lose their tokens, as they are on the blockchain. 

The motivation that led GameStop to close its doors concerns the uncertainty about the regulation of the crypto space.