SuperRare ventures into Bitcoin Ordinals: presentation of the NFT collection “No Brainers”

SuperRare, one of the leading non-fungible token (NFT) markets, has taken giant steps in expanding its presence in the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem. 

This strategic move, facilitated by a partnership with the Bitcoin-based artistic platform Gamma, marks a crucial moment for SuperRare, which embraces a multi-chain approach to its operations. 

Although initially transactions were exclusively taking place on the Ethereum blockchain, SuperRare’s entry into the Bitcoin Ordinals highlights its commitment to adaptability and innovation within the thriving NFT space.

SuperRare in the world of Bitcoin Ordinals: a new NFT collection presented

Zack Yanger, Senior Vice President of SuperRare Labs, emphasized the fundamental role of this expansion in connecting artists with a broader spectrum of collectors.

Yanger described it as “a huge victory”, citing the potential for increased liquidity and exposure for artists within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem.

This decision was driven by a significant show of interest from the SuperRare artist community, signaling a demand for diversification and exploration of alternative blockchain solutions.

The charm of Bitcoin Ordinals lies in its status as the largest blockchain with unparalleled liquidity potential.

Yanger has observed that, by facilitating connections between artists and a new group of cryptocurrency collectors, SuperRare aims to take advantage of the vast opportunities offered by the Bitcoin ecosystem.

This move not only expands the scope of the platform, but also positions it as a pioneer in embracing emerging blockchain technologies.

Yanger’s commitment to the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem began in 2023, when he met a vibrant community of developers and innovators driving progress within the space. 

Despite the skepticism of some sectors of the cryptographic community, who consider Ordinals as a potential introduction of digital spam in the Bitcoin network, Yanger remains firm in his belief in its longevity.

He praised the teams behind Ordinals as “caring” and “intelligent”, emphasizing the potential of the platform to reshape the digital art market.

What will this integration lead to?

The integration of Bitcoin Ordinals into the SuperRare ecosystem announces a new era of possibilities for both artists and collectors. 

Embracing this innovative protocol, SuperRare seeks to give artists the opportunity to overcome traditional boundaries and access unexplored markets. 

The recent surge in the price of Bitcoin, which on March 14 reached an all-time high of $73,737.94, further highlights the growth potential and profitability of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The debut of SuperRare in the Bitcoin Ordinals space is accompanied by an innovative collaboration with the acclaimed artist Killer Acid. 

The NFT collection “No Brainers” exemplifies Killer Acid’s distinctive style, characterized by enigmatic, extravagant, and detail-rich psychedelic art. 

This collaboration demonstrates SuperRare’s commitment to showcasing diverse and engaging works of art, while also leveraging the unique features of the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem.

As SuperRare continues to navigate the evolving landscape of the NFT market, its expansion into Bitcoin Ordinals represents a bold step towards innovation and diversification.

By leveraging the vast potential of blockchain technology, SuperRare aims to redefine the paradigm of the art market, empowering artists and collectors. 

As the digital art market continues to evolve, SuperRare is ready to lead the charge, driving significant change and promoting creativity in the digital realm.


In conclusion, SuperRare’s entry into the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the NFT market. 

By embracing this innovative protocol, SuperRare demonstrates its commitment to adaptability and its dedication to facilitating connections between artists and collectors through different blockchain networks. 

The introduction of the “No Brainers” NFT collection, in collaboration with the famous artist Killer Acid, exemplifies SuperRare’s ability to showcase captivating artworks by leveraging the unique opportunities presented by Bitcoin Ordinals.

While the digital art market continues to flourish, SuperRare’s expansion into Bitcoin Ordinals positions it at the forefront of industry innovation. 

Focusing on improving liquidity and accessibility for artists, SuperRare aims to unlock new paths for creative expression and engagement within the thriving NFT space. 

As the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, the growth potential within the Ordinals ecosystem remains vast, promising interesting opportunities for both artists and collectors. 

Embracing this transformative technology, SuperRare reaffirms its commitment to leading significant change and shaping the future of digital art.