The Gods Unchained blockchain game is launched on the Epic Games Store platform

It’s official: Gods Unchained, the popular Ethereum-based blockchain trading card game, was launched today on the popular digital distribution platform Epic Games Store. 

This launch allows more than 230 million PC gamers to easily access the world of Web3 games and make their first foray into Gods Unchained. 

The launch followed the unveiling of Gods Unchained’s new roadmap and is part of the game’s brand renewal process.

Gods Unchained, the blockchain and Web3 game: all the details 

As anticipated, Immutable Games, the world’s leading developer and publisher of Web3 games, announced today that its popular Ethereum-based trading card game, Gods Unchained, is now available on the Epic Games Store

The launch of Gods Unchained on the Epic Games Store represents a significant milestone for the game, as it aims to position it on par with other successful digital trading card games (TCGs) such as Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Legends of Runeterra

In addition, this new availability on a major digital distribution platform provides an opportunity for more than 230 million players to access the game and immerse themselves in the cryptocurrency world.

The partnership with Epic Games Store further solidifies Gods Unchained’s position as one of the most profitable Ethereum-based trading card games, offering a wide audience of players the chance to experience the immersive and competitive experience of this flagship title.

With its recent launch on the Epic Games Store, Gods Unchained makes itself easily accessible and attainable for more than 230 million PC users worldwide, who currently make up the vast player base of this platform.

Gods Unchained aims for more and more innovation: the 2023 roadmap 

Daniel Paez, executive producer of Gods Unchained, said the following about the launch: 

“It is hard to overestimate the significance of Gods Unchained’s launch on Epic Games Store, one of the largest PC gaming platforms in the world. We are extremely excited to present our game to a completely new and truly massive audience of traditional PC gamers and TCG enthusiasts. It is a natural continuation of our journey and makes good on our promise to our community to continue to bring Gods Unchained to a new and diverse player base.”

The Gods Unchained team recently unveiled its updated roadmap for 2023, which includes a number of new features for in-game integration. 

In fact, after conducting more than 60,000 game sessions during the pre-alpha phase focused on gameplay and design for Android mobile users, Gods Unchained is set to soft launch on Android and iOS mobile devices by the end of the year .

In addition to improving the user experience overall and making numerous improvements to the quality of life, the team is excited to experiment with new game mechanics, including the highly anticipated “Sealed” mode. 

We emphasize that Gods Unchained will be the first web3 trading card game to introduce this mode, which is usually found only in traditional TCGs. The “Sealed” mode will focus on a buy-in queue, in which players will have decks composed of a pool of 60 randomly selected cards and can choose from three gods.

These updates and new features show the Gods Unchained team’s commitment to continuous game development and innovation, offering TCG fans an engaging and exciting experience on mobile platforms.

The different game modes: “Sealed,” “Chaos Constructed” and more 

“Sealed” mode offers players the challenge of achieving seven victories or suffering three defeats, depending on which event occurs first, and rewards are based on their performance. 

This mode does not apply the standard deck-building restrictions, allowing players to have multiple copies of legendary cards and to use cross-domain cards from the provided pool.

In the near future, other exciting game modes will be introduced and removed. For example, the “Chaos Constructed” mode, currently under active development, will allow the use of cards that belong to the domain of the chosen God, removing restrictions in this regard.

In addition, the packet-opening experience has been improved with a new WebGL-based technical framework, ensuring a smoother experience on all devices, including mobile devices.

Community interaction will be further enhanced with the launch of a new content creation program, which will allow players to make videos of their favorite game moments and share them with the community, earning token rewards as rewards.

With the goal of growing the game exponentially, the developers of Gods Unchained are working to be even more proactive in their communications with the community. 

Regular development logs will be published to update players on what’s new in the game, and an updated roadmap will be shared quarterly to provide a clear picture of what to expect in the future. 

Meanwhile, executive producer Daniel Paez and other members of the team will hold regular conversations with players on Discord to inform them of the latest news in the game ecosystem weekly.

In conclusion, we can say that Gods Unchained is facing an exciting and totally new phase in its journey, transforming from a predominantly Web3-focused title into a major trading card game (TCG) that offers something for blockchain enthusiasts as well as gamers who are passionate about TCGs and strategy.