Upland: the EOS-based metaverse announces the first bundle sale in Ethereum (ETH)

Upland, the EOS-based metaverse, has announced its first bundle sale in Ethereum (ETH) only. 

Players will be able to obtain rewards and have unique experiences. At the same time, the idea is to encourage users to connect their wallets to MetaMask, in view of the launch of the Sparklet token. 

Upland: the EOS-based metaverse and the sale of its first bundle in Ethereum (ETH) 

Upland, the Play-To-Earn metaverse developed on the EOS blockchain, has announced the launch of its first Ethereum (ETH) bundle, albeit with some delay. 

“Due to technical issues, we have to delay the sale of the ETH bundle by a few days. Unfortunately, once the problem is resolved, players will have to register again. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue and will announce the reopening of registrations. Thank you all!”

We would like to announce a significant step forward in our sales: the introduction of an ETH sale! This will allow you to get your hands on exclusive Beverly Hills properties, lost properties, Spark, and even landmarks!

Through the bundle of only Ethereum (ETH), players can obtain unique rewards and experiences. However, in order to access the ETH bundle, linking your wallet to MetaMask is required.

In practice, the metaverse dedicated to buying and selling properties, wanted to develop a strategy that encourages its users to connect their wallets to MetaMask, in anticipation of the future launch of the Sparklet token. 

The offer will be available in the store for the next few weeks, although, due to an unresolved issue, users will be required to make a new registration on the portal. 

Upland: the metaverse encourages transactions in Ethereum (ETH) ahead of the launch of Sparklet

The new Sparklet coming soon is a utility token and will serve creators to build valuable content in the metaverse. On the official website, Sparklet is described as follows:

“Sparklet is the necessary resource for entrepreneurs to create content, experiences, and goods through easy-to-use codeless tools.”

To access the new token, users will need to use the MetaMask wallet. That’s why the ETH bundle is an invitation to the crypto-community to integrate their wallets with MetaMask. 

Anyway, Upland also specifies that each bundle is carefully curated, to include high-value properties integrated with the spark bonus. 

To make it even more exclusive, Upland has made the ETH bundle the only way for players to access the properties of Beverly Hills in the metaverse.

The ranking of the top blockchain games and the comparison with Axie Infinity

In June 2022, Upland had surpassed the famous Ethereum-blockchain game Axie Infinity, ranking in fourth position in the top blockchain games chart.

Currently, according to DappRadar data, Upland has dropped to 21st place. This ranking considers the Unique Active Wallet (UAW) data, with Upland currently recording over 21,000 UAW.

Nevertheless, Upland is still above the popular game Ethereum-blockchain Axie Infinity. In fact, today, Axie Infinity is ranked 25th with over 17,000 UAW.