Worldcoin (WLD) integrated into Minecraft servers for ID verification.

Worldcoin (WLD) has been integrated into Minecraft servers for user ID verification.

Through apps like LuckPerms, server administrators will be able to identify who are the bots and who, instead, are the verified users, to whom access to Minecraft games is allowed.

Worldcoin (WLD): verification of integrated blockchain-based ID on Minecraft servers

The famous crypto project dedicated to biometric ID and digital wallet, Worldcoin (WLD), has been integrated into Minecraft servers, in order to achieve its mission of verifying players’ IDs through iris scanning.

In practice, the award-winning game owned by Microsoft, Minecraft, will use Worldcoin technology through apps like LuckPerms, which will only allow access to players who are verified with the World ID method. 

In the description of LuckPerms, it talks about the “griefing” problem that Minecraft is subject to, which is when users or bots join only to ruin the experience for others.

Here the partnership will allow server administrators to assign roles with existing permission systems, or prevent players from performing certain actions until they verify with World ID.

Going into more detail, for players who want to access Minecraft, they will now have to type a command (like “/verify”) in the chat and access the link they receive, connected to the website of the integration. The player will verify with the World ID and receive the server role and its permissions!

This integration of a blockchain-based project marks a change of perspective in the world of Minecraft.

In fact, last July 2021, Mojang Studios, the Swedish game developer behind the company, stated that blockchain technology or NFTs “cannot be integrated into client and server apps.”

Worldcoin (WLD) and the integration of its ID verification service in Minecraft and beyond

This is today’s news, which is the latest in a long series that Worldcoin has already somehow announced. 

And indeed, recently, Worldcoin has launched World ID 2.0, with the aim of improving and revolutionizing the online experience of cryptocurrencies.

Not only that, its innovative “human” digital passport tool has been launched with integrations for popular apps and services such as Minecraft but also Shopify, Reddit, Telegram, Mercado Libre, and others. 

Currently, almost 5 million individuals worldwide own a World ID, and over 2.6 million have verified their humanity through an Orb. 

In this sense, the Worldcoin Foundation has announced the open-sourcing of the iris recognition system (IRIS), thus establishing a new standard for end-to-end open source systems. 

Accessible on the GitHub repository, the IRIS pipeline can be used by the community to run, build, and experiment with the new state of the art in open-source iris recognition. 

The price of WLD 

At the time of writing, WLD is worth $3.61, down -4% in the last 24 hours, but fairly stable when considering the past week. 

This may be due to the fact that the new integration of Luckperms in Minecraft will only focus on the identity verification function of the Worldcoin project and not on the use of WLD. 

Anyway, in the last month of the general crypto bull run, WLD recorded a price pump of +45%. 

Its total market cap of over 377 million dollars places it at the 145th position in the overall ranking of cryptocurrencies.