Yuga Labs and Moonbirds Introduce Enhanced NFT Holder Rights

Moonbirds NFT collection has announced significant changes to its copyright model. The collection, now owned by Yuga Labs, declared that holders would need exclusive rights to commercialize their NFTs. This marks a departure from the previous Creative Commons CC0 copyright status, which allowed free commercialization. The change aims to align Moonbirds with Yuga Labs’ other successful properties, like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

Yuga Labs acquired Moonbirds in February, which has been a crucial period of transition for both entities. As part of integrating Moonbirds into its portfolio, Yuga Labs has introduced commercial rights for the collection, similar to those enjoyed by holders of Mythics. This move is seen as an effort to enhance the value provided to NFT owners.

The transition also comes as Yuga Labs announced a restructuring that includes staff reductions. The firm is adjusting to decreased trading volumes and reduced royalties from its top NFT collections, reflecting a broader slowdown in the NFT market.

Moonbirds Partners with Yuga Labs for 3D

Alongside changes to copyright laws, Moonbirds is adopting a new artistic direction. The announcement detailed plans for creating 3D avatars designed for animation, integrating these avatars into Yuga Labs’ Otherside metaverse project. This initiative indicates a shift from traditional static NFTs to more dynamic and versatile digital assets.

The evolution into 3D avatars suggests that Moonbirds aims to offer a richer, more engaging user experience. This transition not only aligns with current trends in digital art and virtual realities but also enhances the potential utility of Moonbirds within virtual environments.

Moonbirds’ shift towards animation-ready 3D models is part of a broader strategy to maintain relevance and appeal in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By leveraging Yuga Labs’ technological capabilities and creative vision, Moonbirds is poised to redefine its position in the NFT market.

Physical Collectibles Coming to Moonbirds NFTs

The changes announced by Moonbirds go beyond digital enhancements and include physical manifestations and community engagement initiatives. The NFT collection is set to explore physical goods, expanding its brand presence beyond the digital realm.

Plans for dedicated events to bring Moonbird holders together were also outlined. A significant highlight is a satellite event scheduled next to Apefest 2024 in Lisbon this October. These events are designed to strengthen the community and increase engagement among NFT holders.

Additionally, Moonbirds is working on partnerships to create physical collectibles. This move is expected to bridge the gap between digital and physical collectibles, providing tangible assets to NFT owners. Such initiatives will enhance the overall value and appeal of Moonbirds NFTs.

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