ZTX Genesis Home Mint: the launch of the exclusive NFT drop in partnership with OpenSea

ZTX, the revolutionary Web3 creation platform in a pioneering virtual world, has officially announced the launch of the much anticipated and long-awaited NFT drop “ZTX Genesis Home Mint” on OpenSea.

This launch comes in collaboration with OpenSea, the leading global platform dedicated to the collection, creation and exchange of cross-chain digital assets and NFTs

NFT news for ZTX and OpenSea: the big drop launch of Genesis Home Mint

As anticipated above, ZTX, the innovative Web3 creation platform in a cutting-edge virtual world, has officially announced the launch of the highly anticipated ZTX Genesis Home Mint.

This is in close collaboration with OpenSea, the leading global platform for the collection, creation and exchange of cross-chain and NFT digital assets. 

This launch is scheduled for 30 August on Arbitrum.

It is worth noting that the Genesis Home Mint represents a change from traditional virtual land sales since the land will be free to all users and will serve as a base for homes in ZTX. 

This initiative rewards early supporters and participants with 4,000 NFT of unique houses rendered in 3D, packed with in-game utilities, offering improvements to economic activities, resource production, and priority access to exciting upgrades and features.

In addition to this, these awards are designed to recognize early supporters and ambassadors of the ZTX community who have helped enrich the ecosystem with creative content. 

Digital collectibles known as Genisys Homes provide creators with ongoing opportunities to engage and interact with their fans or community, allowing them to collect on-chain rewards for their creative work.

4,000 NFT District Home: exclusive expressions in ZTX districts

Through the Genesis Home Mint, a total of 4,000 limited-edition NFT District Homes will be generated, divided equally across ZTX’s four key districts: fashion, gaming, finance and art. 

Home owners will have the opportunity to have early or exclusive access to selected experiences and content closely related to the identity of the district with which their home is affiliated.

Homes will not only offer hands-on functionality within the app, allowing users to customize rooms, display artwork and content, and host meetings, but will also act as subscriptions

These subscriptions will provide governance rights for the community treasuries of ZTX’s four districts. Each district will pursue independent grants and initiatives to support and reward diverse creators in the ecosystem.

Some statements about the ZTX Genesis Home Mint

Speaking about the ZTX Genesis Home Mint, Chris Jang, co-CEO of ZTX, had the following to say about it: 

“We’re excited to present the first mint of our ecosystem. The many benefits that are geared towards the community and creators via these Genesis Homes are reflective of our commitment to rewarding loyal users and builders.

That has not been lost by our early backers, who have been the forces behind our presale already successfully selling out. 

We will continue to build with the goal of providing creators the infrastructure tooling necessary to scale up and offer diverse 3D experiences, in order to be a long-term partner for the many builders in the web3 space.” 

Oliver Maroney, who leads Gaming Partnerships at OpenSea, said: 

“We are excited to partner with ZTX to bring their first-ever mint to life. We believe that great games powered by NFTs will not only onboard new users to blockchain technology but also help the gaming industry evolve. ZTX is pushing the space forward.”