10 Million Transactions and Counting: How Coinremitter is Shaping the Future of Crypto Payments

  • In late 2022, Coinremitter experienced a tremendous surge in popularity as merchants around the world began to embrace the potential of cryptocurrency transactions.
  • It was a truly remarkable year for Coinremitter. Merchants started believing in the power of crypto transactions and that showed up in numbers.

Some noticeable achievements

The numbers spoke for themselves: Coinremitter was able to achieve a remarkable feat, with over 35,000 merchants actively utilizing its platform to accept cryptocurrency payments. This unprecedented success demonstrated the growing trust that merchants had in Coinremitter and solidified its position in the crypto payments industry.

When it comes to the world of crypto transactions, Coinremitter is a name that cannot be ignored. If you’re curious about just how many merchants are associated with this innovative platform, 35k may look surprising. But even more astonishing than the number of merchants is the sheer volume of transactions that Coinremitter has processed.

In fact, by the end of 2022, Coinremitter had processed an incredible 10 million crypto transactions! This extraordinary number is a testament to the efficiency and reliability of the Coinremitter platform, and the growing trust that merchants around the world have in the power of cryptocurrency payments. It’s clear that Coinremitter is leading the way in this exciting and rapidly evolving industry, and the future looks brighter than ever.

While there are undoubtedly many factors that have contributed to Coinremitter’s impressive achievements. Coinremitter’s success can also be attributed to a number of exclusive features that set it apart from other crypto payment platforms. These features have not only contributed significantly to the crypto world but have also been instrumental in attracting and retaining customers. Additionally, the platform has been committed to regular upgrades and improvements to ensure that it stays ahead of the curve in terms of technology and functionality.

How Coinremitter is Shaping the Future of Crypto Payments?

Making a user-friendly platform isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Rather than solely focusing on revenue generation, Coinremitter places emphasis on creating a platform that meets the demands of merchants using it as a daily driver. This includes providing easy-to-use tools and resources for accepting cryptocurrency payments, as well as offering top-notch customer support to ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

The following features give Coinremitter an edge in the cryptocurrency payments space and contain a futuristic approach to the world of crypto payments:

  • Lowest withdrawal fees: One must be wondering how low can a crypto payment gateway charge. 1%? 0.75?? 0.5%? What if I say Coinremitter charges just 0.23% withdrawal fees? Unbelievable? But it is true (as of April 2023). It may look unbelievable or unrealistic, but it exists. However, Coinremitter merchants have been loving such inexpensive withdrawals. And some testimonials have been constantly mentioning the lowest withdrawal fees.
  • Gas Station: Coinremitter’s gas station reduces the gas fees on selected crypto transactions. Though merchants can consume it only by purchasing the premium membership, this feature focuses on overall savings. Merchants can enable it and fill the gas in a uniquely generated crypto wallet address to pay the gas fees. The gas fees with the gas station are considerably less than the fees without the gas station.
  • Security: Crypto security features aren’t exclusive to Coinremitter. Almost every crypto payment gateway has focused on security features. But Coinremitter contains multiple security features that prevent and inform merchants about suspicious activities happening in their Coinremitter accounts.
  • Plugins & APIs: Just like security features, plugins & APIs aren’t exclusive to Coinremitter. But they’re more refined and minimal compared to other gateways’ offerings. Websites based on WooCommerce, Magento2, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Laravel, PHP, and Node.js can utilize Coinremitter’s plugins for accepting payments directly into their websites.Coinremitter’s crypto API gets the job done for the platforms not listed above. By integrating the Coinremitter API on your website, you can provide your customers with a seamless payment experience while accepting payments in various crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more as well as tokens such as USDT-ERC20, and USDT-ERC20.

Factors that are making Coinremitter special

Consistent upgrades

It seems like Coinremitter has been deeply analyzing the market. The authority has been aware of what the market needs. And we’ve seen the results in terms of upgrades. If we consider the Coinremitter of 2021 with the Coinremitter of 2022, a noticeable difference is there between the both.

Feature(s) 2021’s Coinremitter 2022’s Coinremitter
Gas station
Support to Tron, USDT-TRC20 & Monero
Coinremitter’s plugin for Node.js

To be honest, 2021’s Coinremitter was looking strong if we ignore the recent upgrades. But making it stronger day by day is a good option for the better future of crypto payments. Making such constant upgrades may let us witness a fanbase of Coinremitter.

Open to criticism

Coinremitter believes in gathering feedback. As a result, we’ve seen Coinremitter upgrading the platform consistently. Let’s hope this consistency remains the same or gets better in the future. But Coinremitter being open to criticism indicates the healthy future of crypto payments.

The upcoming phase of 2023 s going to be exciting

It’s great to hear that Coinremitter is consistently making upgrades to its platform to better serve its consumers. Bringing back its crypto-swapping feature would be a valuable addition for those who are looking to quickly and easily swap one cryptocurrency for another. Let’s wish this happens right in 2023.


Coinremitter’s success in facilitating over 10 million transactions on its platform is a testament to its commitment to creating a user-friendly, secure, and reliable crypto payment gateway for merchants. By prioritizing merchants’ needs, Coinremitter has helped to make cryptocurrency payments more accessible and convenient for businesses. With a focus on continued innovation and improvements to its platform, Coinremitter is well-positioned to play a significant role in shaping the future of crypto payments.

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