Binance Labs, the esteemed venture capital and incubation arm of the world-renowned exchange, has once again demonstrated its commitment to promoting innovation in the blockchain space. 

The conclusion of its sixth season of incubation saw the investment in seven promising startups, each of which is ready to take giant steps in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Among these companies stand out Ethena Labs and Derivio, emblematic of the different and innovative projects that emerge from the Binance Labs environment.

Binance Labs promotion in the blockchain sector

Ethena Labs is at the forefront as a developer of the synthetic dollar protocol, offering a solution that could revolutionize stablecoin technology. Meanwhile, Derivio has attracted attention as a decentralized derivatives exchange based on zkSync, presenting an innovative approach to facilitate safe and efficient trading in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). These two startups, along with Shogun, UXUY, Cellula, NFPrompt, and QnA3, embody the innovative spirit that Binance Labs seeks to nurture.

The amount of the investment, undisclosed, highlights Binance Labs’ focus on promoting innovation and supporting visionary entrepreneurs. This commitment goes beyond financial support, as the incubation program serves as a platform for mentorship and guidance, allowing founders to realize their ambitious visions. In particular, the selection process is rigorous and only a portion of candidates manage to secure an investment, a testament to the caliber of startups that emerge from the program.

The journey of Season 6 started last December with a cohort of twelve startups, reflecting the robust talent pipeline within the blockchain space. Although only seven ultimately received investments, the impact of the program reverberates throughout the industry. A spokesperson for Binance Labs emphasized that investment is not guaranteed, highlighting the program’s mission to nurture and support founders at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

Looking at Season 7

The conclusion of Season 6 sets the stage for the upcoming launch of Season 7, signaling ongoing opportunities for visionary founders to join the esteemed Binance Labs incubation program. With a focus on forward-thinking projects, Binance Labs invites entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity and contribute to the vibrant innovation ecosystem. The application process, which will open on a rolling basis, promises to attract a wide range of projects vying for a coveted spot in the program.

The success of Binance Labs’ incubation initiatives is evident in its history of supporting innovative projects that push beyond the boundaries of blockchain technology. Season 5 saw investments in transformative initiatives such as zkPass, Mind Network, and DappOS, strengthening Binance Labs’ commitment to promoting innovation in various sectors of the crypto landscape. As Season 7 prepares to be launched, the stage is set for another wave of disruptive startups that will emerge and thrive under the guidance of Binance Labs.

The recent increase in investment activity by Binance Labs highlights its ongoing dedication to promoting innovation in the blockchain space. With investments in the Bitcoin Babylon staking protocol and the Ethereum Renzo and Puffer Finance restaking protocols, Binance Labs continues to support projects that have the potential to shape the future of decentralized finance and beyond. This proactive approach to investments reflects Binance Labs’ vision of enabling entrepreneurs to bring their transformative ideas to life.


Binance Labs’ strategic decision to accept external capital underscores its commitment to sustainable growth and long-term success. While the $500 million fund has opened up new avenues for investments, the decision to return unused capital to Limited Partners demonstrates a prudent approach to capital management. This move not only ensures responsible resource management, but also reaffirms Binance Labs’ commitment to providing value to its investors.

In conclusion, Binance Labs’ investments in seven startups, including Ethena and Derivio, from Incubation Season 6 exemplify its role as a catalyst for innovation in the blockchain space. As Season 7 approaches, aspiring founders have the opportunity to join a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration, supported by the unparalleled skills and resources of Binance Labs. With each investment, Binance Labs reaffirms its commitment to promoting positive change and unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology for the benefit of all.