‘Black Mirror: Smile Club’ by Animoca Brands invites you to mint new NFT characters

“Black Mirror: Smile Club”, the new project developed by Pixelynx, Animoca Brands and Banijay Brands, invites fans to mint their own NFT character. 

Not only that, the new evolving interactive experience has been built with iconic artists and collaborators and rewards fans with SMLE rewards. 

“Black Mirror: Smile Club” by Animoca Brands and others invite to mint NFT characters

Black Mirror invites its fans to mint an NFT character in the history books, through Smile Club, the first of many digital experiences of the dystopian franchise. 

The projectBlack Mirror: Smile Club” is developed by Pixelynx, Animoca Brands, and Banijay Brands.

“Smile ID is now available. Do you want to participate in an iconic moment of culture with Black Mirror? Create your character in the Smile Club. Available for only 48 hours.”

Specifically, inspired by the episode “Nosedive”, Smile Club presents itself as an evolving interactive experience built with iconic artists and collaborators. 

Not only that, Smile Club invites fans to mint their own NFT character, to engage in missions and aim for the coveted 5-star rating, while earning rewards along the way thanks to the SMLE points and rewards system.

‘Black Mirror: Smile Club”: the NFT project by Animoca Brands and the SMLE rewards

The new NFT project sees the launch of a series of digital experiences that will bring the “Black Mirror” series to life in new ways.

This journey started with a life-size exhibition in Times Square, with a star-studded roll-out. Among the icons present, Transmoderna, Dixon, deadmau5, Richie Hawtin, Yat Siu, Farokh, Jesse Pollak, Blond:ish and many others.

Are you ready to reach your 5-star destiny with Black Mirror? Link bridge with @base before March 12th to ensure a successful minting experience. Early buyers will benefit from a drip of points that affect score and social status. The sooner you buy, the more points you earn. More points = higher status = better rewards. Your initiation into the Smile Club will begin soon.

Leave a message in the comments if you are ready to mint.”

Basically, early adopters are rewarded for their support. By accumulating points, they rise in the social hierarchy: the first to mint NFTs earn the highest status. The earlier you mint, the more points you accumulate, leading to a higher social status and higher rewards through the SMLE reward system.

At Smile Club, users can mint an NFT character and participate in missions to reach a 5-star score. Users who are unable to claim a Smile Pass can register to get a free Smile ID that will provide basic access to the experience and reward system. 

The complete experience and collection are built on Base, and the first collectible is designed to reflect the user’s character and social status. 

The latest news from the Non-Fungible Token world in March

In this first part of March, there are some news regarding the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, as well as the presence of Black Mirror: Smile Club. 

The latest one, in fact, concerns the NFTs of Coachella, the music festival that takes place every year in the Coachella Valley in California (USA), which have been launched on the OpenSea marketplace.

Not only that, in this month of March the second highest NFT sale of all time with CryptoPunk #3100 was recorded which was sold for 4,500 ETH, equivalent at that time to over 16 million dollars.

Shifting to NFT Art, also in this month the Italian artist Bruno Cerasi has returned to the spotlight, for dropping the new NFT artwork Faded22/ on the SuperRare marketplace.

This is the continuation of his story through the famous digital butterflies, which translate the artist’s eye visits through algorithms.