At Vinitaly 2024, the start-up Through Tech will present its platform The Glass Élite, to export wine using blockchain technology and NFTs. 

Vinitaly 2024: the blockchain-based platform for wine export

At Vinitaly 2024, the start up Through Tech will present its platform The Glass Élite, which uses blockchain and NFT to revolutionize the world of wine export.

“We are excited to announce that at @VinitalyTasting we will be launching our platform, #TheGlassElite! Get ready to witness a groundbreaking moment in the wine industry! Join us from April 14th to 17th at #Vinitaly2024, to discover together the future of the wine industry! #finewine”

Specifically, the project will be present at the Enolitech Pavilion, at booth 7b, during Vinitaly 2024, which will take place from April 14th to 17th. 

In general, The Glass Élite is created by the Innovative Start Up Through Tech S.r.l., founded on July 4th in Pordenone with the support of the Technological Pole of the Upper Adriatic Andrea Galvani, which aims to adopt innovative technologies related to blockchain and WEB3 to obtain benefits in the real economy.

Vinitaly 2024: blockchain and NFT involved in wine export

At the moment, The Glass Élite represents the main focus of the company, but not the only tool in development. 

Basically, the platform is entirely B2B and aims to use NFT protocols, therefore a blockchain, not only for supply chain traceability and product origin certification, but also to facilitate transactions between wineries and the Ho.Re.Ca. world at an international level.

Unlike apps for speculative high-end wine collecting, The Glass Élite aims to be a specialized structure to create economic benefits for the supply chain. 

To do this, the wine lots will be transformed into Certified Digital Assets (NFT) for which it will be possible to carry out transactions and exchanges internationally quickly, securely and simply, with the certainty of the product’s origin.

Legally, the “wine on blockchain” project has been followed by the specialists of the Refink legal firm in Milan, fully compliant with the new European regulation on Crypto Assets, MiCA.

Not only that, at Vinitaly 2024, the day of the launch of the technological platform, some partners such as Andrea Ferrero, founder of Young Platform, and Sebastiano Cataudo, founder of Yomi srl and expert in blockchain, especially Ethereum and Polygon, will be present. 

The project promises to also use other technologies, such as Virtual Reality, to support Italian wineries in telling the territories and telling themselves to the international public. 

Wine and metaverse

A couple of years ago, wine entered the metaverse thanks to the project of OVER, in collaboration with Wine Bottle Club, the NFT club of fine wines.

Specifically, Wine Bottle Club has disrupted the distribution of fine wine, creating a global and lasting ecosystem. Their services are of various types, such as NFTs, bottle tastings, VIP club subscriptions, but also immersive experiences in the metaverse. 

And indeed, already at the time, Wine Bottle Club had replicated its physical cellar in a virtual store in the OVR metaverse. 

To celebrate the launch, OVER had given away NFTs, whitelist spots for future NFT drops, and 350 OVR (its native token).