InBetweeners: the NFT bears conquer the real world with Dolce&Gabbana

InBetweeners, the famous NFT project continues its expansion: after collaborating with the renowned fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana in 2022, today the Non-Fungible Token bears have attracted more than 5 thousand investors. 

InBetweeners: the NFT bears travel from Dolce&Gabbana to Sfera Ebbasta

There is continuous movement in the InBetweeners house, the famous NFT teddy bear project born in December 2021, which seems to be conquering the digital art sector in Italy.

And indeed, at the moment, InBetweeners has attracted more than 5 thousand investors for its teddy bears and has been found to have a pre-money valuation of 15 million euros.

During its journey, the NFT project has already met important Italian brands, such as its collaboration in 2022 with Dolce&Gabbana, the luxury fashion brand, with which it launched an exclusive collection. 

The InBetweeners x Dolce & Gabbana Drip is a collection of 1165 NFTs developed on Ethereum.

Not only that, the two artists and entrepreneurs behind the project, Gianpiero D’Alessandro and Pasquale V. D’Avino, have continued to expand to the point of having new partners. 

Among others there are Sfera Ebbasta, the Italian pop star attentive to Web3, Italia Nft, owner of the marketplace of made in Italy in the metaverse, and Mario Chitti, former top global manager at UniCredit, now partner of entrepreneurial excellences.

InBetweeners: what’s next for the NFT teddy bears that have also conquered Dolce&Gabbana?

According to what reported, among the various programs of the InBetweeners project there is the first physical popup, in Montecarlo, on the occasion of the Grand Prix in May that will pave the way for a big party in September. Not only that, even the Milan Fashion Week will be a major event for the NFT teddy bears NFT.

Not only that, in the coming months, the project will introduce cashback reserved for holders of all collections, who will be able to commercially exploit the intellectual property rights resulting from the use of the teddy bear. 

On this matter, the CEO Pavi D’Avino stated:

“The web3 space is the present and will be the future, the multibillionaire turnover and the constant exponential growth are the absolute confirmation of this, but in some ways it is still to be defined as a niche. After the global explosion of the project, which had created a brand new entrepreneurial path for us, we immediately understood the incredible growth potential that the brand could have if we dragged it into the full hype given by NFTs (which is unlikely to return for newborn projects) even in the real world creating a true blend between web3 and physical activities. The Phygital, precisely, has become the cornerstone on which our business model is based.”

Another goal on the agenda for InBetweeners is to create the world’s first web3 fashion house. In practice, in the works, there would be the launch of a collection with unique clothing items, with tech features, thanks to the presence of NFC. 

The collection will be produced in Italy by Manifatture Daddato Spa and distributed worldwide by 247 showrooms, a global leader in luxury fashion distribution with bases in Europe, USA, and Asia.

Teddy Bear NFT had also captivated Justin Bieber

Still in 2022, InBetweeners had made headlines with its 10,777 bear NFTs for having captivated even Justin Bieber.

Basically, the Canadian singer had shared on his Instagram with 215 million followers, one of the InBetweeners NFT teddy bears. 

This media support has led InBetweeners to gross $18 million and generate volumes of $24 million.

Among the various buyers fascinated by the NFTs of the teddy bears, there have been other Hollywood celebrities like Tom Holland, the actor of Spiderman, and the singer J.Balvin.