An experiment has led to the destruction of the Saga crypto smartphone, with the issuance of new Non-Fungible Tokens

Bangerz from tweeted about his experiment, in which he “cooked” his Solana Saga phone in the microwave for 33 seconds, the result: it convinced the influencer to mint new 3,333 NFT Memes to commemorate his destroyed crypto smartphone.

The Solana Saga “cooked” phone is commemorated in 3,333 NFTs

The “exhausted” influencer Bangerz, CEO of NFT launchpad, tweeted her video of her “cooking” her Solana Saga phone in the microwave for 33 seconds. 

“I heated my @solanamobile Saga in the microwave. Here are the results:”

The experiment resulted in the destruction of his Solana Saga. The device indeed came out smoking from the microwave and dripped a liquid, while the screen detached from the hardware.

The “death” of Solana Saga has become a reason for Bangerz to offer a total of 3,333 free Solana NFTs dedicated to its commemoration, to be minted through

The Solana phone NFTs already cooked in the secondary market

The announcement of the new Solana phone NFTs cooked in the microwave, all ready to be minted, was also made on the tweet account:

“Saga phones are now in deflation. Commemorate this moment with the Saga Microwave by @bangerzNFT. Mint for free now.”

In less than 24 hours, all the Saga NFT Microwaves have been minted and resold on various secondary markets. 

Some of them managed to be sold for as much as $25 in SOL, while immediately after the NFT meme’s floor price dropped. 

The second crypto smartphone 

A few days ago, Solana mobile announced that they are planning to launch a second crypto smartphone, the successor of Saga. 

Not by chance, in the video, even Bangerz, after apologizing to Solana mobile, mentions his intention to get the second version of the phone in 2025. 

Anyway, Saga’s successor will have more or less the same basic features as the first one, such as a crypto-wallet, a customized Android software, and the “dApp store” for crypto apps. 

The differences compared to the first one, however, will be that the second smartphone will have a lower launch price and new hardware. 

The existing Solana Saga phones have sparked a secondary market that has become hot in December 2023, with sales reaching up to $5000 on eBay.