Azuki NFT: the price skyrockets thanks to rumors of a partnership with Weeb3 Foundation

The popular collection of Azuki NFTs seems to be experiencing an increase in its floor price, thanks to rumors of a possible partnership with Weeb3 Foundation. The sharing of a tweet by Azuki from Weeb3 has sparked these rumors. 

Azuki NFT: the floor price rises thanks to rumors about the partnership with Weeb3 Foundation

It was Saturday, January 6, 2024, when Azuki, the popular NFT collection, shared on its X account, the tweet from the Weeb3 Foundation.

This move would have generated a series of rumors about a possible partnership between the two, to the point that the prices of the NFT collection experienced a rapid surge. 

And indeed, according to what CoinGecko shows, on that January 6th the floor price of Azuki NFT was 6.06 ETH, while the following day the price skyrocketed to 7.96 ETH.

From that moment, Azuki NFT has reached a price of 6.09 ETH on Saturday, January 13th, while for all the other days the floor price has been above 7 ETH. At the time of writing, in fact, the minimum price of Azuki NFT is 7.238 ETH. 

In these 12 days since the retweet triggering a possible partnership with Weeb3 Foundation, there have been no official announcements regarding it. This means that the rumors have remained just that. 

Azuki NFT and the rumors of a partnership with Weeb3 Foundation

In addition to retweeting, however, it seems that there are other factors that connect the two projects. On one hand, the rebranding of the Weeb3 Foundation, led by the ANIME token, appears to be very similar to Azuki’s marketing. 

In this regard, rumors indeed speak that ANIME could become the next token of Azuki. 

Another factor that leads to believing in the partnership is that SanFranTokyo, another NFT project that has heavily invested in the ANIM3 token, has retweeted these posts further consolidating the idea of a joint venture.

In general, the partnership could be the beginning of an ecosystem for anime brands, which in NFT collections is a rather unexplored realm.

However, considering that the NFT project is based in the United States, there are concerns about potential legal ramifications with the SEC.

The recovery of the floor price 

The Azuki NFT collection, famous for its profile pictures used by the crypto-community, is in a phase of recovering its floor price. 

And indeed, looking at its price chart, it seems that the last crash occurred at the end of June 2023, when the price dropped from 17 ETH to 6 ETH. 

Not only that, by mid-August 2023, the minimum price of Azuki’s NFT collection was at 3.5 ETH. 

The curve then made a change of direction starting from October 2023. In fact, in just one month, the floor price of the collection has risen by 47%, reaching 5.3 ETH.

With the beginning of 2024, then, Azuki NFT has not yet returned to 5 ETH, especially after the pump of the first Saturday of the year.