Crypto news: Elrond (MultiversX) and Google collaborate in epic $1 million hackathon

Crypto major news from Elrond, with MultiversX launching its highly anticipated hackathon today, a story of epic scope. This event represents the largest hackathon in the world, with a prize pool of $1 million and the valuable collaboration of Google Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Deutsche Telekom

See below for all the details. 

Elrond’s (MultiversX) latest crypto initiative: all the details 

As anticipated, MultiversX has officially unveiled its ambitious global development event, called the xDay Hackathon. This initiative aims to promote the expansion of the Web3 ecosystem for innovative and emerging projects. 

The event has been orchestrated in collaboration with Encode and Dora Hacks, and has gained key support from prestigious partners, including Google Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Deutsche Telekom. 

At stake are prizes and funding of up to $1 million, positioning the xDay Hackathon as one of the most lucrative competitions in hackathon history.

In addition to the cash prizes and initial funding, the grand prize winner will be honored with a valuable spot on MultiversX’s xLaunchpad platform. 

This provides the winning project the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive incubation program covering several key areas, including funding, legal, compliance, marketing, and developer support. 

In addition, participants will gain access to a community of more than 100,000 members. The xDay Hackathon has already attracted considerable interest, with more than 500 registered participants. 

The event has been structured to offer a number of valuable learning opportunities, including 19 workshops and four Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. 

Developers are encouraged to create tools, scripts or smart contracts using programming languages such as Rust, C/C++, Python and TypeScript, making the xDay Hackathon an open invitation to programmers of all experience levels.

xDay Hackathon: why it’s a must-attend opportunity in the world of blockchain

Beniamin Mincu, CEO of MultiversX. said the following about it: 

“The xDay Hackathon is the best time to build. Builders, tools, prizes, funding. Everything is ready for the global building community. It’s time for manufacturers to explore new ways to utilize the unique capabilities of the MultiversX network.”

As a reminder, registration for the xDay Hackathon remains open until Oct. 16 at 

The event spans six categories: AI, DeFi, Payments, Infrastructure and Development Tools, Mobile App, Games and Metaverse, and will take place from Sept. 21 to Oct. 20. Although the event is primarily online, the highlight will be the xDay conference, with the opportunity to attend in person in Bucharest, Romania.

The MultiversX ecosystem has experienced tremendous growth, emerging as a leading power in the blockchain world. 

It now boasts 2.3 million wallets, has handled more than 345 million transactions and has a vibrant community of developers who have created more than 2,500 tokens, more than 6,500 applications and more than 2 million NFTs.

Ceffu adds EGLD, MultiversX’s token, to its institutional offering

Recently, Ceffu, a well-known institutional custodian, undertook a strategic move by including MultiversX’s native token, EGLD, in its range of services. 

This step represents a strategic convergence with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering a greater degree of accessibility and security for institutional stakeholders who wish to leverage the potential of MultiversX’s resources. 

In addition, this new inclusion offers attractive opportunities for a wide range of players, from major financial institutions to cryptocurrency companies, looking for efficient solutions to manage their assets in MultiversX.

Edouard Bellin, Marketing Director of Ceffu, reflected on this collaboration, stating the following: 

“The MultiversX Group is at the forefront of creating a transformative blockchain architecture. Our association is an endorsement of their vision, as we facilitate ongoing support for EGLD on our institutional grounds. This feat breaks new ground for institutional stakeholders who aspire for a seamless, secure and powerful mechanism to leverage their EGLD assets.”

In conclusion, the key advantage for institutional partners joining Ceffu lies in the extraordinary quality of its custodial services. 

Not surprisingly, by anchoring their EGLD assets with Ceffu, they not only securely protect their investments, but also contribute to the ambitious mission of expanding the influence of MultiversX digital currency in the corporate environment.