Easter with NFT: auctioning the new handcrafted egg on the blockchain

For the first time, Easter can be celebrated with NFTs, thanks to the project of Italian startup Hoken Tech, which has created the handcrafted Easter egg, which is a Non-Fungible Token on the blockchain.

Easter with NFTs: the new handcrafted egg has an estimated value of €4,700

Italian startup Hoken Tech, which connects brands to people through Non-Fungible Tokens, has launched a new project that colors the Easter holiday with NFTs.

Basically, the company has developed the first Easter egg that will exist on the Blockchain, meaning it will be connected to an NFT.

It is a handcrafted egg, made from the finest dark chocolate completely handmade in Italy. Not only that, an image from an NFT was drawn on top of the Easter egg depicting a dove with the colors of Ukraine.

Ukraine is meant to signify the symbol of the desire for peace, being the nation that has been undergoing war from Russia for more than a year.

The estimated value of the NFT Easter egg is €4,700, and whoever wins it will have exclusive access to the contents of the Non-Fungible Token. The project will also be shown in New York’s famous Times Square on 8 April 2023 from 8:30 PM.

Easter with NFTs: the project of Binance BNB Chain

While Hoken is based on the quality of the NFT Easter egg, by contrast, BNB Chain’s project is actually an “Easter egg hunt” on blockchain.

In practice, BNB Chain invites its users to an NFT Easter Egg Hunt that started on 3 April and will end on 9 April. 

The prizes up for grabs are 15,000 USDT in NFTs and tokens and 15,000 USDT for the raffle.

Crypto horoscope for Easter

Remaining on the Easter theme, for those not interested in participating in the NFT egg auction or the “NFT egg hunt”, then perhaps you might enjoy reading your own dedicated crypto horoscope. 

Indeed, every Sunday there’s a forecast for the coming week published in the Crypto Horoscope section, through interpretations of the transits of the astrological planets for each zodiac sign.

The forecast and horoscope for the Easter holiday is already online, written using the language typically used in the cryptocurrency industry.

Of course, the typical slogan of Bitcoin and Blockchain, “Don’t Trust, Verify” is applicable to astrology as well, which, despite being defined as an inexact science, seeks in its own way to predict the future.