FIFA to Drop NFT Collection to Secure World Cup Tickets

Based on a recent announcement, FIFA is set to launch a Non-fungible token (NFT) collection for FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023™ in collaboration with blockchain-inclined tech firm known as Modex. 

FIFA Promises World Cup Tickets to NFT Holders

This development comes right after Modex takes on the strategic management of FIFA+ Collect, the football governing body’s ‘arsenal’ of digital collectibles that portray some of the iconic moments of players. 

FIFA says the first drop will include a collection of 100 digital collectibles that will be released on December 15. Early adopters and holders of this first release stand the chance of winning a ticket to the FIFA World Cup 26™ final.

Shortly, a total of 900 NFTs will be rolled out on the Ethereum-based scaling network Polygon. From here, interested customers can access them on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. This next drop has been scheduled to go live on December 19, right at the peak of the FIFA Club World Cup. This collection will feature NFTs representing some of the finest moments from the tournament.

Noteworthy, the FIFA NFT collection was initially minted on Algorand but the football governing body has now decided to move the collection to the Polygon blockchain, a pattern that is becoming rampant in the blockchain industry. 

Trending Network Migration to Polygon

Lately, many crypto-related projects have been seen moving from one network to another, spurring some competition among followers of these blockchains. This contributed to a warning issued by Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko to crypto users who are trying to exalt their network of choice at the expense of another network.

FIFA’s decision to utilize the Polygon network is not surprising seeing that the ETH scaling blockchain has proven over time to embody the capacity to deliver users’ requirements. Apart from the upcoming integration with FIFA, Polygon has entered certain strategic partnerships that have boosted the trajectory of the platform. 

A week ago, cryptocurrency exchange OKX hinted at its plans to pursue Web3.0 services across India. This feat, it intends to achieve in alliance with Polygon citing its ability to enhance utility for Web3.0 natives.

Indian e-commerce company Flipkart is also pulling resources into integrating Polygon’s CDK-deployed Layer 2 chain to boost FireDrops, its recently launched Web3.0 loyalty program. This suggests that Polygon has successfully imprinted its legacy deep into many of these crypto projects.

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