To celebrate its record-breaking series, PINKO has unveiled THE NEW LOVE BAGS COLLECTION, the first collection in the fashion industry to be entirely covered by Digital Twins, produced by Luxochain & Temera.

From the Spring/Summer 2023 season onwards, the entire Love Bags collection, over 630’000 produced, will be the first time a fashion company has placed an entire line on the market containing an authentication system using a Digital Twin of the product.

The authentication system used by PINKO to ensure traceability and security will be extended: by linking the serial number of an individual product to a specific customer, PINKO will be able to uncover any parallel market phenomena. Moreover a “digital twin”—a non-fungible token (NFT) accompanying each product and further securing it through the use of blockchain technology—has been integrated into the authentication process.

To this end, products must only be authenticated via the NFC crypto tag powered by Temera, a Beontag company, and sewn on the inside of the Love Bag: by simply hovering a smartphone near the embroidered birds on the back of the bag, a pop-up enabling customers to begin the verification and authentication process will appear. The whole digital journey is also supplied by Temera, which provided its customer experience platform, T.journey.

This is a new way in which PINKO can work on the process and keep updating it, both to ensure that customers benefit from the best security measures currently on the market and to communicate more effectively with Love Bag-purchasing customers using engaging, tailored and effective content related to the bag they’ve chosen.

To enrich this discovery journey, customers can redeem a Digital Twin of their bag as an NFT connected to the timepiece and indissolubly tied to it. The Digital Twin contains a unique reference of the product itself such as image, description, serial number, TAG UID, etc.

Using blockchain, thanks to the work done by Luxochain, the data for the creation of the digital twins have all been created automatically by the brand’s management systems and the digital twins themselves are created at the time of the encoding of the Bag, thus creating the first massive project in which an entire production of a brand is connected to a digital twin of each single product itself, to improving the customer

experience, anti-counterfeiting and in line with the policies of the Pinko Brand, which always has a careful look at the digital innovations.

This is an innovative solution, one of a kind, in which the joint teams of Pinko, Luxochain, Temera and Polygon Labs collaborated for the creation of a unique and innovative project.

The union of the energies and innovations of all these teams, have created the Digital Twin that cannot be separated from the physical product, of which it represents a guarantee of authenticity and uniqueness, together with the certificate of ownership of the product itself.

Upon purchase of the Love Bag, customers can ask to redeem at the site:, Love Bags and Digital Twins are indissolubly linked to each other, in seeing the technological connection between physical and digital world, for an increasingly interconnected future.

Marco Ruffa, Marketing & Digital Transformation Director di PINKO, said: 

Pinko has always taken a pioneering approach to leveraging new technologies. Thanks to the Digital Twin, we are progressively moving toward the Digital Product Passport, offering our customers a new dimension of transparency and authenticity.”

Davide Baldi, CEO of Luxochain, added:

We are very proud of this initiative together with Pinko. So far we have only seen capsule collections in the fashion industry, while this is a first case of technology application to an entire collection, made by a brand, to improve interaction with users. 

Our goal is to protect the brand’s reputation, creating digital twin for each product, improving both loyalty and rewards processes between brands and end-users. Through LUXO Certified ©, any buyer can use their smartphone to verify the authenticity of each product, and redeem, after purchase, the Digital Twin of the product registered on the blockchain, whether he bought it, in-store, online, or in the growing secondary market.”

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, said

Tying ownership rights to proof of authenticity is a powerful way of demonstrating verifiable digital ownership and ensuring against counterfeiting.

The teams of PINKO & Luxochain jointly announced a new standard for the creation of Digital Twins collections, becoming a symbol of authenticity, non-counterfeiting and Digital Innovation, obtaining full support from a Brand such as Pinko, for the creation of this collaborative project.

About Pinko

PINKO, the brainchild of its current Chairman and CEO Pietro Negra and his wife Cristina Rubini, was founded in the late 80s. Over the years, their daughters Cecilia and Caterina also joined the company, working in the Communication and Creative Department respectively. PINKO is a response to the fashion needs of an independent, strong and sexy woman, aware of her femininity and determined to express it in different ways, but first and foremost through her choice of style. The collections stand out for their unique, eclectic, original and contemporary style, of great appeal to women worldwide.

Pinko commitment to protecting customers against counterfeit products has always been one of the top priorities. For this reason, Pinko invest in the best authentication technologies and is constantly on the lookout for new developments and innovations that can help widen the distance between authentic products and any counterfeit ones.

About Luxochain

Luxochain is a Swiss company, based in Lugano, with world-class expertise in leveraging blockchain technology and product certification. Our mission is to deliver sustainability, reputation, and authenticity into the luxury market and ensure ownership of real products, creating unique certificates of authenticity and ownership combined with each product. Luxochain aims to increase brand awareness and fight the counterfeiting market. Luxochain registers goods’ ownership transfers, the customer receives a certificate of digital property, as if it were the passport of the product itself, with a guarantee of non-repeatability. Luxochain offers a service to end-users, protecting them in the purchase of their products. At the same time, it works alongside the luxury brands, providing them with a transparency and loyalty system, as well as for analytics and insights towards their customers.

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