GameStop to Shutdown Its NFT Marketplace Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

After approximately a year and a half since its NFT marketplace launch, GameStop, the publicly-traded video game retailer, has decided to bid farewell to its platform. The marketplace, which facilitated gaming NFTs and various collectibles on Immutable X and Loopring, operating across Ethereum scaling networks, will no longer be maintained by GameStop.

GameStop To Discontinue Its NFT Platform From February 2

“GameStop has opted to conclude operations of our NFT marketplace, citing ongoing regulatory uncertainties in the crypto space,” states a message on the marketplace’s website. Effective February 2, 2024, the platform will cease operations. Despite this, the NFTs, minted on blockchains, maintain accessibility and remain tradeable on other platforms.

GameStop came into much popularity after the WallStreet Bets took its stock price to unprecedented rally and new highs in the bull run of early 2021. A query for GameStop NFT marketplace information indicates that DappRadar, an analytics platform, has removed it from its listings. The platform was initially included in September 2022. It’s noteworthy that the GameStop NFT Twitter account has not posted any updates about its closure and has been inactive since September 2023.

In a strategic move to venture into the NFT space, GameStop initially hinted at its plans in 2021. Subsequently, in January 2022, the company assembled a dedicated team of 20 individuals to manage its gaming NFT marketplace. A month later, GameStop disclosed its partnership with Immutable, revealing its intention to utilize Immutable X’s blockchain.

Concurrently, GameStop committed to a $100 million fund denominated in Immutable’s IMX token. Shortly thereafter, the retailer promptly liquidated a substantial portion of the recently acquired IMX tokens, offloading $47 million worth onto the market.

By July 2022, GameStop underwent an undisclosed number of employee layoffs but proceeded to launch its NFT marketplace for public access. Despite the launch, the inclusion of Immutable X gaming NFTs in the marketplace occurred several months later. Notably, this development unfolded after GameStop ousted its CEO, who had overseen the company’s foray into the crypto realm.

Killing the NFT Wallet

Approximately four months ago, GameStop declared the discontinuation of its NFT wallet, citing similar reasons. The communication of this information to traders followed the same approach: a pop-up message on the marketplace’s site. It remains unclear why they opted to stagger its exit from the crypto space rather than shutting down both products simultaneously.

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