Sorare NFT fantasy sport launches Rivals: the live game for fans

Sorare NFT fantasy sport has launched Rivals, the new game that offers fans a way to interact with live matches. 

Not only that, fans become Rivals managers and will be able to obtain rewards for their sports knowledge that they show in the game. 

In the launch campaign of Sorare’s Rivals, there is also former Barcelona defender, Gerard Piqué. 

Sorare NFT fantasy sport and the launch of the new live game Rivals

Sorare NFT fantasy sport has launched Rivals, the new “live game” that rewards fans for their knowledge. Here’s the announcement from Nicolas Julia, CEO and co-founder of Sorare, on X:

“We are excited to launch the beta of Sorare Rivals to the whole world today, with an initial marketing push in the Spanish market. Rivals will become the simple, mobile, and social entry point to the Sorare world.”

Test your football knowledge and compete against your biggest “Rivals” to earn bragging rights, glory, and the biggest prizes in the world of sports. Together, we will improve it every day to make it an engaging and world-class experience. Much more to come. Download the app!”

For Sorare, Rivals is the new frontier of fantasy football, as its format is the most advanced version of traditional fantasy platforms. 

And indeed, there is again the “daily format” of Rivals, which offers an immediate gaming experience, outside of the traditional weekly planning. At the center of the game are Sorare managers, who will earn their Rivals points and rewards.

Specifically, Sorare managers can choose an upcoming match on Rivals on any given day and create their own fantasy team. Rivals also introduces a new gameplay for users where game tactics can also be selected and assigned to the created teams. 

Competitions can take place with friends who are watching the same match or, in the Arena, against another manager of the same level, climbing the rankings of the global leaderboard.

Sorare NFT fantasy sport and Gerard Piqué’s involvement in Rivals

In the launch campaign of Rivals, former Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué was also involved, who intrigued his fans by stating that he wants to return to football.

“It’s a new year and after careful consideration, I have decided to return to football. I miss it a lot. This time, it won’t be as a player. It will be as a coach. I will share further details at the end of the week.”

In his first tweet on January 9, 2024, the player wrote that for the new year he had decided to return to football as a coach. 

Just a few hours ago, Piqué himself revealed that by “coach” he meant he wanted to be “General Manager of Rivals”.

“Ok, I told you I would be back… My next chapter: I join #SorareRivals as General Manager! Challenge me in a head-to-head for your first match and receive a reward for your passion. Download the @Sorare website and play for free.”

Piqué took the opportunity to launch a new challenge to other Rivals managers of Sorare NFT for tonight’s football match Barcelona-Osasuna.

Other characters involved in the new formula are also Zinédine Zidane and influencers John Nellis and Nacho Heras.

3D cards and Augmented Reality (AR) features

Sorare continues to innovate. The new live fantasy sports game by Rivals arrives after the launch of the 3D NFT cards and Augmented Reality (AR) features.

The goal for Sorare is to continue advancing its project of eliminating barriers between digital sports and real sports. 

Rivals is already available on the Sorare app on the App Store and Play Store. 

In this regard, Nicolas Julia commented as follows:

“Sorare Rivals will completely change the way fans can interact with live sports. With Rivals, we are excited to launch a faster and more social environment for fans who want to play fantasy sports with their friends or their community.

Our goal is to make sure that Rivals helps sports fans from all over the world feel closer to the action they are watching, whether they are at home, with friends or at the stadium, and to present Sorare’s first-class fantasy product. It is a significant milestone for us, and we look forward to releasing more competitions, game modes, and features in all of our sports offerings soon.”