Gaming Web3: 8 Ball Pool goes up on Immutable zkEVM

Good news in the web3 gaming industry, with Eyeball Games’ celebrated 8 Ball Pool game combining its 10 years of experience, with technology from Immutable zkEVM

At stake is the new “more modern” pool game Eyeball Pool, scheduled for its full launch in early 2024. 

Web3 Gaming: Immutable zkEVM conquers Eyeball Games’ 8 Ball Pool

Web3’s dedicated game development platform, Immutable zkEVM, has conquered Eyeball Games’ celebrated pool game 8 Ball Pool to jointly launch a new “more modern” pool game. 

It will be called Eyeball Pool and will be the new web3 mobile pool game, currently in beta testing, but planned for its full launch in early 2024. At present, players can sign up for teasers, early releases, and NFT whitelists.

Eyeball Pool was designed from the ground up with its own physics engine and stunning graphics. The game features a player versus player mode and a series of tournament modes that include an artificial intelligence skill-matching engine.

Following Immutable’s tweets, it appears that pool games have not made any major changes in the past 12 years, while Eyeball Games is about to bring a real new version of gameplay. 

Gaming Web3: Eyeball Pool, the new pool game on Immutable and NFTs

The partnership with Immutable will allow the Eyeball team to accelerate the development of its blockchain-based challenger, which gives players full ownership of their digital assets and includes other features derived from the use of blockchain infrastructure.

In this regard, Jonathan Ivarsson, CEO of Eyeball Games said:

“We believe there’s power in partnering with a specialized ecosystem for gaming versus one that tries to include all use cases. Immutable works day and night to improve its gaming ecosystem, developer tooling, and publishing capabilities – the Immutable zkEVM is a testament to this. With Immutable’s help, we look forward to redefining the pool game experience.”

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable also wanted to comment on the new partnership: 

“Immutable Games Studio is constantly striving to push the boundaries and diversity of web3 games, and the addition of such a popular genre as pool to the Immutable blockchain family is yet another important step toward offering players as much variety as possible.”

In January, Eyeball Pool completed a 30-minute sell-out of 4,001 genesis NFTs called Balldroids Gen 0. Not only that, the team is expanding the NFT series with the introduction of Phase 2 multiplayer. 

Balldroid Gen 1 serves as an early access pass and NFTs will be launched on ImmutableX.

By becoming a Balldroid holder, you will be able to win weekly rewards, but also get exclusive in-game starter packs with NFT cues, currency, and an NFT season pass that unlocks a pathway of paid rewards. 

The zkEVM platform and its peculiarities

It was March 2023, when Polygon together with Immutable launched Immutable zkEVM, the platform dedicated to web3 game developers. 

This is a real breakthrough in the field of blockchain-based gaming that also uses ZK technology, which is useful for accelerating game development. 

Recently, Immutable wanted to describe again the peculiarities of the zkEVM platform with a roundup of tweets.