Gaming Web3: Affyn unveils trailer involving Warner Music Singapore’s J.M3

Affyn has unveiled the trailer for the Web3 game “Buddy Arena,” involving Warner Music Singapore artist J.M3, both with her song “Pick ‘Em Up” and her presence as an avatar. 

Gaming Web3: Affyn unveils trailer with musical background by Warner Music Singapore’s J.M3 

Affyn’s Play-to-Earn has unveiled the trailer for the upcoming game Web3: Buddy Arena. The theme song involves Warner Music Singapore singer J.M3 with her song “Pick ‘Em Up,” and also features her as an avatar. 

“Closed Alpha allowed us to get amazing information from our community. We successfully launched Buddy Arena in the Philippines. The official Buddy Arena website is now online and running. Our partnership with @warnermusicsg has produced a new theme song and trailer. We are the only Web3 event sponsored by STB during the F1 weekend. We are well on our way to greatness. See you at the next milestone!”

Basically, Warner Music Singapore’s J.M3, pronounced as Jamie, is an up-and-coming artist who wrote and co-produced the background song for Buddy Arena’s Web3 game trailer and theme song. Not only that, the song “Pick ‘Em Up” will be launched worldwide on all digital streaming platforms starting today. 

In addition to the song, the trailer also features J.M3’s avatar as the protagonist as he fights together with Purffyn in the arena brawler game set in NEXUS World. 

Not only that, J.M3 will participate in Affyn’s event at the Grand Prix Season Singapore during the F1 weekend on September 16. 

Gaming Web3: Affyn and Warner Music Singapore’s strategic partnership with J.M3

Actually, the partnership between Affyn and J.M3 of Warner Music Singapore, was first announced last May 2023. 

In this regard, Affyn CEO Lucaz said the following:

At Affyn, we believe in breaking new ground through strategic collaborations. Our dedication to innovation propels us to explore novel ways to enhance the gaming landscape, and our alliance with Warner Music Singapore exemplifies this pursuit.”

In practice, Affyn’s blockchain-powered multiverse of interoperable games and metaverses is continuously seeking potential strategic partners from both the Web2 and Web3 sectors

In any case, Buddy Arena is currently available on iOS and Android platforms in the Philippines and will be launched in Singapore and other selected regions, with a global launch scheduled for early 2024.

Eyeball Games’ 8 Ball Pool on Immutable zkEVM

Remaining in the Web3 gaming sector, it was also announced in early July that the celebrated billiards game, 8 Ball Pool by Eyeball Games has decided to board Immutable zkEVM technology

The traditional game’s 10 years of experience together with the dedicated Web3 game development platform will launch by early 2024 the new, more modern Web 3 game, “Eyeball Pool.” 

Basically, Eyeball Pool is designed from the ground up with its own physics engine and stunning graphics, and will feature a player versus player mode and a series of tournament modes. Artificial Intelligence was also involved to create the skill matching engine. 

Not only that, Eyeball Pool has reportedly already launched as many as 4,001 NFT genesis of the Balldroids Gen 0 collection, completing a sell-out in just 30 minutes. 

The upcoming Balldroid Gen 1 NFT collection, on the other hand, will be launched on ImmutableX and serve as an early access pass for special rewards and prizes