Honda: new NFTs in Japan to engage fans in the Web3 and metaverse

Honda announces a new limited edition NFT in Japan at the FORMULA 1™ Honda & Red Bull welcome event in Tokyo. 

The new experience joins previous ones already launched together with partners Animoca Brands Japan, Gryfyn and GET Protocol and its metaverse, aiming to increasingly engage its fans in the Web3. 

Honda and Animoca Brands Japan: new NFTs to bring fans into the Web3 and metaverse

Animoca Brands Japan today announced a new partnership with Honda Motor Co, Ltd (“Honda”), Gryfyn, and GET Protocol to engage fans in the Web3

Basically, Honda will distribute Honda KEY NFTs to all fans who apply for the raffle to purchase tickets for the FORMULA 1™ Honda & Red Bull Welcome Event in Tokyo. 

Participants in the special event organized by Honda will then receive a commemorative NFT, which will be given to ticket holders after the event.

Not only that, NFT Honda KEYs and other special items will be available to be redeemed by fans who visit the Honda booth at the F1 2023 Japanese Grand Prix at the Suzuka Circuit.

In this way, Animoca Brands’ strategic subsidiary and other partners, want to offer Web3 services to Honda fans, providing a bridge between Japanese intellectual properties and global fans.

In fact, Animoca Brands Japan was established to support the global Web3 strategies of Japanese intellectual property and content owners, such as major publishers, brands, educational institutions, sports teams, athletes, artists, and game companies. 

Honda and Web3: its metaverse in Fortnite

The famous Japanese automaker is not new to the Web3 world. And indeed, back in July last year, Honda announced Hondaverse, its metaverse in the Fortnite video game

Basically, there are custom Fortnite maps on Hondaverse, within which streamers and players can challenge each other, testing their skills with virtual parkour runs and trivia questions. 

Not surprisingly, the first iteration of the Hondaverse is the Honda Parkour World, built around the 2023 Honda HR-V. 

Hence, as early as summer 2022, Honda began using Web3 to engage new followers at a time when car sales were declining. And indeed, the metaverse was designed for the Twitch category dedicated to Fortnite, which already had more than 80 million followers at that time

Animoca Brands: gaming industry leader NFT’s report

In June, Animoca Brands released its own report showing its 40.5% surge in deferred revenue for 2020. 

Basically, in the annual report, the company reveals that its deferred revenue has increased from $6,947 million to an impressive $27,890 million. 

Not only that, Animoca Brands’ growth also saw an increase in its employees from less than 200 to about 1,000 in 2020. 

In this regard, Yat Sui, president and founder of Animoca Brands, wanted to emphasize that the company’s success is also due to the excellent investment strategies undertaken in recent years. 

Currently, it appears that Animoca Brands is also diving into Artificial Intelligence, as it has invested in more than 60 AI startups through its AI accelerator. 

The new Bitcoin-based metaverse crypto

Another more recent news concerns Animoca Brands subsidiary Darewise Entertainment, which reportedly announced the launch of a new Bitcoin Blockchain-based metaverse crypto. 

As if to usher in a new era for the Bitcoin ecosystem, Animoca Brands’ subsidiary company apparently then wants to use the BTC network to also build other tokens dedicated to gaming, branding, and real-world experiences

The project also involves Horizen Labs, a pioneer in blockchain and tokenized experiences. 

Specifically, Horizen Labs has previous experience as a blockchain launch assistant, while here it will provide technical services to build apps and other tools, promoting the ecosystem of Ordinals on Bitcoin as well.