Messi and Bitget exchange celebrate their successful partnership for the second consecutive year

In a recent video published on the official website of the Bitget exchange, the second anniversary of the collaboration between Messi and the renowned trading platform is commemorated. Let’s see all the details below. 

Key elements in the celebration of the Messi-Bitget exchange partnership: perseverance and positive passion 

As anticipated, the video released on the official website of Bitget celebrates the second anniversary of the collaboration between football star Messi and the renowned crypto exchange.

Specifically, its creation aims to promote the Bitget brand, highlighting the shared values between Messi and the platform, such as: 

“No progress too small”, “Perseverance” and “Positive passion”.

In addition, in the video and on the Bitget website, it is explained how no progress should be overlooked, considering that every step taken, both by Bitget and by Messi, contributes to a broader goal.

It is no coincidence that Messi’s career has been an example of constant growth, development, and success through constant commitment, an approach that Bitget embraces with the same mentality.

Together, they represent the emblem of how gradual progress can lead to remarkable results and shape the future of finance. 

Lionel Messi’s unstoppable commitment to his passion is indeed a tangible testament to the power of perseverance, as stated on the website: 

“The partnership aims to instill in others the same indomitable spirit, pushing individuals to overcome obstacles and rise from defeats. The moment arrives for those who know how to wait, just as great results reward those who persevere in training.”

The constant focus on innovation, improving the customer experience, and offering cutting-edge products has positioned Bitget as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally.

Some statements regarding the renewed collaboration

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, stated the following:

“Both Messi’s story and Bitget’s growth serve to remind us that greatness is not achieved overnight, but through persistent determination to make it count. As we continue the #MakeItCount campaign in 2024, we remain committed to inspiring people, whether in the football and cryptocurrency industry or beyond, to pursue greatness because no dream is too big to achieve. Together with Messi, we are excited to bring cryptocurrencies onto a bigger global stage and drive mass adoption of cryptographic technology and blockchain.”.

In celebration of Messi’s new video, Bitget will organize a platform competition from January 23rd to 30th, with a prize pool of 20,000 dollars in BGB, Bitget’s native token. 

Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to win tickets for Inter Miami matches at DRV PNK stadium.

In addition to the film, Bitget plans to launch Football Challenge events on the field in emerging markets such as LATAM, SEA, and Turkey, where the passion for football and the adoption of cryptocurrencies are particularly strong. 

In addition, the two parties will explore beneficial collaborations within the CSR Bitget Blockchain4Youth initiative, dedicated to encouraging young generations to embrace Web3 and blockchain, while also improving their understanding of digital resources.

We would like to remind you that the partnership between Bitget and Lionel Messi was solidified in October 2022, with Bitget becoming the exclusive crypto exchange partner of the legendary Argentine footballer.

Bitget: global leadership and the new Chief Operations Officer

The centralized cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has recently appointed Vugar Usi Zade as its new Chief Operations Officer, thus highlighting its commitment to global expansion.

In a recent podcast, Usi Zade declared his intention to drive Bitget’s expansion into new markets, focusing efforts on the regions of Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. 

His role will be crucial in consolidating the company’s influence in Southeast Asia and Europe.

At Bitget, Usi Zade’s responsibilities include overseeing go-to-market teams and guiding strategic expansion efforts. 

At the same time, this appointment represents a strategic step for Bitget, aiming to enhance its global presence and its impact in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The appointment of the new Chief Operations Officer follows a successful year 2023 for Bitget. 

The native token of Bitget, BGB, has recorded a 210% increase in the last year, positioning itself as the eleventh largest exchange in terms of volume, surpassing popular platforms like HTX, and Upbit.

Before taking on the current role at Bitget, Usi Zade held the position of marketing manager at Sony and made significant contributions to the expansion of Facebook in 45 countries.