Polygon and Warner Music: announced the two projects of the Web3 music program

Polygon and Warner Music Group have announced the two projects selected for the Web3 Music Accelerator program: MITH and Muus Collective. 

Polygon and Warner Music: the announcement of the projects of the Web3 Music Accelerator program

Polygon Labs together with Warner Music Group (WMG) have announced the two projects that will be part of their Web3 Music Accelerator program: MITH and Muus Collective.

“Last June, the Polygon Labs x @warnermusic Web3 Music Accelerator was announced to support the next generation of web3 developers building music projects and dApps on the Polygon protocols. We are proud to announce the first two projects that the accelerator will support, @OnlywithMITH and @muuscollective. In addition to Polygon Labs and WMG, these promising projects will also receive support from a team of collaborators committed to the ecosystem. Here is the cohort of developer support: @4everland_org, @BloctoApp, @CertiK, @CoinflowLabs, @crossmint, @decentxyz, @GetRevelator, @opolis, @privy_io, @tatum_io, @thirdweb, @wonderverse_xyz, @0xZeeve”

Both MITH and Muus Collective will receive support through the acceleration program, including the endorsement of two industry-leading entities that are shaping the future of music and blockchain. 

The selected projects, then, will also be able to benefit from a series of assistance from the best operators in the music industry and blockchain, including mentorship and check-ins, strategic consulting, networking and connections, marketing and promotion.

Finally, the recipients of the accelerator will have access to the Polygon x WMG Developer Support Cohort, a community of blockchain infrastructure developers who collaborate with projects that are building the future of the Web3 music industry. These developers will offer discounts on services/products, vouchers, and premium benefits to the recipients.

Polygon and Warner Music: who are the two Web3 projects MITH and Muus Collective? 

In general, MITH is a fan engagement platform, while Muus Collective is a fashion-themed gaming platform. 

The central feature of the MITH platform is to offer artists the opportunity to unlock insights and analysis, guided by artificial intelligence. This is done using first-party data owned by the artist about their audience, providing a 360° view of each fan.

The company’s proprietary technology stack includes commerce, flows, threads, and rewards and incentives based on membership levels, purchases, POAP, or community engagement.

In this regard, Michelle Sanchez, CEO and co-founder of MITH, said:

“We are deeply gratified by the shared vision with WMG and Polygon on the potential for on-chain fandom transformation. This represents a paradigm shift in how we perceive and cultivate artist-fan relationships. MITH is committed to providing artists with dynamic tools for communities on a unified platform.”

In the case of Muus Collective, the gaming platform brings together communities that share the same love for style and fashion, and presents digital collectible items that reward communities for their engagement. In the board of directors of Muus Collective, there is also the famous model and singer Paris Hilton, also known as a Web3 entrepreneur. 

Amber Bezahler, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Muus Collective, said:

“We are honored to have been selected as part of the inaugural class of this acceleration program. Music and fashion have long been inseparably linked, and we see a great opportunity to explore this relationship in a gamified virtual environment where players interact and express themselves with both music and fashion.”

The program of Web3 music

It was June 2023, when Polygon Labs and Warner Music Group launched the new Music and Web3 program.

The idea of the program is to promote a new generation of innovation and support developers in creating music-related dApps. 

The new music-related dApps will be launched directly on the Polygon network, combining everything with any other technologies. 

The current selection of the two chosen projects comes after receiving over 120 applications from companies and entrepreneurs operating at the intersection of music, technology, and Web3.

Regarding the two selected projects, Brian Trunzo, Business Development Manager for North America at Polygon Labs, said:

“We are excited to see how quickly decentralized innovation is moving towards becoming fully mainstream, with forward-thinking projects that bring together artists and creators with their numerous fans in ways never seen before. Both MITH and Muus Collective are top-notch platforms that are redefining the possibilities of fan community engagement, and we are thrilled to welcome them to the Web3 Music Accelerator program.”