Metaverse report: The Nemesis and Sandbox among the best Web3 virtual worlds

According to a recent report on the metaverse by “Metaversed,” among the top twenty Web3 virtual worlds for July 2023 we find both The Nemesis and Sandbox, along with many others. 

The news is also confirmed by a tweet from the Nemesis platform, which reads: 

Below are all the details. 

Key players in the Metaverse: The Nemesis and Sandbox

As anticipated, Metaversed’s ranking of the Web3 Metaverse sees The Nemesis and Sandbox at the top of the virtual worlds. 

Specifically, the Web3 Metaverse Index report is a comprehensive classification of blockchain-based virtual worlds, with attached information explaining the variables used to evaluate each platform. 

For July 2023, The Nemesis and Sandbox rank first. Both of these companies are successfully bringing real-world brands to their platforms, stimulating the expansion of monthly active users (MAUs). 

In addition, The Nemesis recently partnered with Skoda, while Sandbox implemented an activation for BMW Motorrad. In third place are Blankos and Portals. 

In the lower part of the ranking of the top 20 companies in the Web3 metaverse, we see two new entrants taking seventh place along with three other existing companies. 

Specifically, the newcomers for July 2023 are Numi Club and Ultra. Numi Club focuses on user-generated content creation, while Ultra acts as a hub for games.

Currently, 123 different Web3 virtual worlds are tracked within the Metaverse Index. 

The Sandbox (SAND) breaks critical resistance and gains momentum 

After a lackluster start to July, based on the latest analysis, we see that the price of The Sandbox (SAND) finally broke through $0.40 critical resistance this week. 

Despite diminished global interest in the Metaverse and GameFi sectors over the past year, The Sandbox, the most promising Metaverse project, has attracted renewed investor interest

Moreover, this summer, The Sandbox ecosystem saw a significant increase in new participants. 

In fact, according to Santiment data, the number of new SAND portfolio addresses increased by 130%, from 326 to 746 new addresses between June and mid-July. 

This network growth indicates an increase in user acquisition in The Sandbox ecosystem. Often, an increase in network growth can put upward pressure on the price of the native token. 

In fact, the price of SAND has already increased by 10% between June and July, following the 130% increase in network growth. Finally, with The Sandbox set to host a series of community events in Paris next week, SAND holders can anticipate further gains in the near future.

Requested inclusion of the metaverse in UK’s online security bill

During a UK parliamentary session on 12 July, members of the House of Lords discussed whether the Online Safety Bill should include “malicious content that users may encounter on services, such as in the metaverse.” 

Specifically, lawmakers examined issues related to protecting children from harmful elements online.

Some members highlighted the need to address the gap between provider-generated and user-generated content in the metaverse, which could result in inappropriate content without any specific regulation.

The central topic of discussion was whether the regulation of the UK Online Safety Act should apply to anything communicated through an Internet service, including virtual content and avatars.

The debate on the UK Online Safety Act will resume on 17 July in the House of Lords, where the final reading will take place and the bill will be voted on before any changes can be made to the text.