Mocaverse: the metaverse of Animoca launches the token launch platform MocaList

Mocaverse, the metaverse of the Animoca Brands ecosystem, has partnered with CoinList to launch MocaList: the new platform for launching exclusive tokens for the community. Moreover, in this month of April, the launch of MOCA Coin will take place on MocaList. 

Mocaverse: Animoca’s metaverse with CoinList launches token launch platform

Mocaverse, the famous metaverse associated with the Animoca Brands ecosystem, has announced its partnership with CoinList and the launch of MocaList: the new platform dedicated to token launches.

“The MocaList is back. Over a year ago, tens of thousands of people signed up for the MocaList, which marked the beginning of the Mocaverse NFT. Today, the name has taken on a new meaning: Launch of the MocaList – a new co-branded token launchpad by Mocaverse x CoinList. MocaList in brief: Curate and support the hottest token launches in the gaming and culture sector. Mocaverse to select the best projects for early access CoinList to engage millions of verified users in Mocaverse $MOCA and Moca NFT to share the success of our network through MocaList, with limited access from the Moca ID Unique positioning, MocaList supports projects to be launched on MocaList with access to over 700 million accessible Moca users and millions of verified CoinList users, and the #MocaFam will have first access to their success $MOCA will be the first launch on MocaList to pave the way, with additional features and updates in the future.”

Basically, MocaList will be the first token launch platform in co-branding with both Mocaverse and CoinList, ready to curate high-quality cultural and entertainment projects and public token sales exclusively for holders of Moca NFT, MOCA Coin, Moca ID, and the CoinList community. 

The new launch platform will allow the Mocaverse and CoinList communities to participate in various exclusive token sales and leverage the success of Mocaverse’s partner network, which includes CoinList and Animoca Brands and its extensive portfolio of over 400 Web3 projects.

Mocaverse: Animoca’s metaverse and the launch of the MOCA Coin token on MocaList

In honor of the launch of MocaList, also for this month of April there will be the inaugural launch of the MOCA Coin token. All CoinList users and holders of Moca NFT and Moca ID will have access to guaranteed codes and the waiting list for the sale of MOCA Coin tokens.

On this matter, Kenneth Shek, manager of Mocaverse, commented: 

“Mocaverse’s values ​​have been aligned with those of CoinList from the beginning, and we are committed to nurturing the best projects from Animoca Brands and Mocaverse’s partner network to participate in MocaList. The network effect of Mocaverse is formed through co-building within our Mocaverse Partner Network, ensuring our partners and users access and share in the collective success of the network. With CoinList’s licensing and KYC infrastructure, deep base of early adopter users, and Mocaverse’s expanding ecosystem, we are confident that we can bring significant value to participating projects and our community.”

Speaking in numbers, MocaList will create powerful effects thanks to the community of 11 million early adopters of CoinList, the over 400 portfolio companies of Animoca Brands, the more than 1 million Moca ID accounts, and its wide suite of growth infrastructures and products. 

The partnership with OKX, DeFi, and Halo wallets

Recently, Mocaverse established a strategic partnership with OKX Wallet, DeFi Wallet, and Halo Wallet, to allow users to request their unique Moca IDs in-app.

Basically, by requesting Moca IDs through wallets, users can enter the Mocaverse ecosystem and access various cultural and entertainment experiences. 

It is no coincidence that the Moca ID is used to explore the various Web3 experiences, such as PointFi, GameFi, and SocialFi in Mocaverse.

Even in the MocaList, the MocaID will be a fundamental feature of the platform, which allows, among other things, users to participate in the next token sale.