Pudgy Penguins NFT in partnership with Unstoppable Domains launch .pudgy

Pudgy Penguins, in partnership with Unstoppable Domains, has launched the new domain for its NFT crypto community: “.pudgy”. 

The new domain provides exclusive access to web3 messaging, innovative loyalty programs, and the opportunity to contribute directly to the Pudgy Penguins project.

Pudgy Penguins NFT together with Unstoppable Domains launch the new Web3 domain “.pudgy”

Unstoppable Domains announced on X the new partnership with Pudgy Penguins, the famous NFT collection brand. At stake is the launch of the new domain “.pudgy”.

“Join us! We have partnered with @pudgypenguins @LilPudgys the popular Web3 brand, to introduce the first community-focused NFT domain TLD, .PUDGY!”

“.pudgy” is the tenth top-level domain (TLD) and is added to the portfolio of Unstoppable Domains partners. This domain provides exclusive access to web3 messaging, innovative loyalty programs, and the opportunity to contribute directly to the Pudgy Penguins project.

Not only that, at the moment Unstoppable Domains has announced to give away a personalized username for those who access the new domain, in order to show support to the crypto community of the NFT project.

Through the .pudgy domain, users will also be able to send/receive cryptocurrencies, build a website, access your favorite Dapps, and much more. 

Pudgy Penguins NFT and Unstoppable Domains: initiatives related to the launch of the new domain

In honor of the launch of the new domain, Unstoppable Domains has launched several initiatives, such as the .pudgy storytelling campaign.  

Users are invited to share their stories on Twitter (X), Instagram, Facebook or Discord using the hashtag #PudgyUDStories, in order to have the chance to win rare .pudgy domains.

Specifically, every month, for three months, Unstoppable will select the most exciting stories to include in a special series on the official Unstoppable Domains website, to celebrate the diversity and creativity of the Pudgy Penguins community. 

Also in the works is the new Pudgy Ambassador Program, to recruit prominent members of the community to promote and spread the new web3 domains. These ambassadors will share their experiences, create content, and host community events, earning the esteemed Pudgy Ambassador badge to unlock a series of utilities.

In this regard, Sandy Carter, COO and Chief Business Development Officer of Unstoppable Domains, said:

“We are excited to welcome Pudgy Penguins, a true innovator and a strong brand, to the Unstoppable Domains family. This partnership is not just about adding another domain, but embracing a community that embodies the spirit of Web3 and the future of digital identity.”

The renewed collaboration with Walmart

Recently, Pudgy Penguins has also made headlines for the launch of the new Pudgy Toys line, inspired by the NFT collection, which will be distributed by Walmart. 

The well-known chain of supermarkets in the USA, Walmart, has stated that it will distribute a line of plush toys, figurines, and physical collectibles in its 3,100 retail locations.

The new Pudgy Toys are inspired by the NFT collection launched in May 2023 on e-commerce platforms, and have a price ranging from $2.99 to $11.97. 

Walmart has renewed its collaboration with Pudgy Penguins after the success of September 2023, when the Pudgy Toys made their debut in the well-known chain in 2000 retail points.