Roblox metaverse attracts NFT thieves using crypto phishing

The Roblox metaverse is one of the virtual places where crypto phishing thieves using NFT drainers spend their millions of stolen dollars. 

The Roblox metaverse and the rise of NFT drainers: what’s up with the crypto phishing thieves?

The Roblox metaverse is one of the places of choice for crypto phishing thieves, those who use NFT drainers stealing millions of dollars. 

Basically, according to Plum, a security researcher working in the trust and security team of the NFT OpenSea marketplace, these NFT thieves are mostly kids still in high school. Here are his words. 

“95% of them are kids below the age of 18 and they’re still in high school. I personally have talked to quite a few of them and know they’re still in school. I’ve seen pictures and videos of various of them from their schools. They talk about their teachers, how they’re failing their classes or how they need to do homework.”

Not only that, Plum also said that crypto phishing kids are not hiding their wealth, and because of that, it is clear that the favorite place where they spend their stolen money with NFT drainers is Roblox. In this regard, Plum said:

“They’ll buy a laptop, some phones, shoes and spend vast amounts of money on Roblox. They all play Roblox for the most part. So they’ll buy the coolest gear for their Roblox avatar, video games, skins and things like that.”

Plum also identified other spending methodologies such as using crypto to buy Bitrefill gift cards or to buy designer clothes or cars on Uber Eats. Many of them also gamble

What is happening is a veritable frenzy among these kids to get money using NFT drainers. Among the most popular ones are Inferno, Venom, Pussy, Angel and Pink. 

The NFT drainers Inferno, Venom, Pussy, Angel and Pink

NFT drainers have seen a real rise, increasing the number of their customers who have used them to steal several million dollars.  

Among the top NFT drainers is Venom, which has been used to steal more than 2,000 NFTs from more than 15,000 victims. 

Clients of the drainer used as many as 530 phishing sites to conduct targeted attacks on cryptocurrency projects such as Arbitrum, Circle, and Blur, collecting a total of $29 million in NFTs, ethereum, and various tokens.

Inferno is also a noteworthy drainer, as it was used to steal $9.5 million from 11,000 victims. In contrast, the Pussy NFT drainer was used to steal $14 million from 3,000 victims. 

Clients of Angel, which originated from a Russian hacking forum, used it to steal $1 million from over 500 victims in the form of NFTs and various tokens. 

Then among the most recent NFT drainers is Pink, which was also used in May and June for broader exploits including on the Discords of Orbiter Finance, LiFi, Flare and Evmos, as well as on the Twitter account of Steve Aoki and others.

The Roblox metaverse: not only NFT thieves but also world champions like Valentino Rossi

The Roblox metaverse is not only a place for NFT thieves, but also for world champions, such as famed motorcycling star Valentino Rossi

And indeed, the new virtual world of Moto Island, created in collaboration with VR46 Metaverse and the Metaverse Dubit studio, was recently launched

And while on the one hand there is the VR46 Metaverse, the company that develops the image of Valentino Rossi, in games and metaverse, on the other hand there is Roblox with its 58.8 million daily players. 

Moto Island is the result of this combination, which revolves around two pivotal values of accessibility and customization, with the goal of authentically conveying the competitive spirit of motorsport.