Wemade and Whampoa launch a $100 million Web3 fund for expansion in the Middle East.

In a revolutionary avant-garde alliance of digital innovation, the South Korean gambling titan Wemade has joined forces with Whampoa Digital, the technological investment arm of the Whampoa group from Singapore. 

Together, they have launched an impressive $100 million Web3 fund, marking a crucial moment in the evolution of the digital asset landscape and aiming to expand in the rapidly growing Middle East region.

The strategic collaboration between Wemade and Whampoa unveils a $100 million Web3 fund for expansion in the Middle East

The South Korean gaming giant Wemade has joined forces with technology investor Whampoa Digital to launch an innovative $100 million fund dedicated to the development of Web3.

This collaboration marks a crucial moment in the evolution of the digital asset industry, with a targeted focus on expanding the scope of Web3 in the rapidly growing Middle East region.

Renowned for the iconic Legend of Mir series, Wemade intends to leverage this substantial fund to support the developers of the Wemix Play Center in Dubai, thus creating an innovation hub in the heart of the Middle East. 

The collaboration between Wemade and Whampoa Digital goes beyond a simple financial infusion; it signifies a commitment to mutual cooperation, project presentation, and potential co-investments, particularly in the dynamic landscape of the Web3 industry.

Aureole Foong, senior partner of Whampoa Group, has emphasized the transformative impact of this partnership on the digital asset sector. Foong stated:

“This partnership will allow us to open new horizons in the digital asset sector, beyond our already consolidated sectors, and to promote innovation in the Middle East, one of the fastest growing regions in the Web3 sector.”

This visionary collaboration underscores the strategic importance of the Middle East in shaping the future of Web3 technology.

The companies most closely involved

Whampoa Group, a private investment company with ties to established families in Asia, has significant experience in forward-thinking initiatives. 

In May, the group announced its foray into the realm of digital banks with the creation of Singapore Gulf Bank in Bahrain, welcoming cryptocurrency customers. 

The move represented a significant step towards integrating traditional finance with the thriving cryptocurrency landscape.

In particular, the appointment in August of Ali Moosa from JP Morgan to lead the expansion of the digital bank in the region underlines the commitment of the Whampoa Group to ensure a consolidated experience in managing the complexities of the digital financial landscape. 

This strategic move aligns perfectly with the group’s broader vision of positioning itself at the forefront of the digital revolution in financial services.

As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, collaborations of this magnitude serve as catalysts to accelerate growth and innovation. 

The partnership between Wemade and Whampoa, with its dedicated fund of 100 million dollars, is destined to leave an indelible mark in the digital assets sector, particularly in the thriving Middle East region. 

It reflects a strategic convergence between gaming skills and acumen in technological investments, pushing the industry towards new frontiers of development and adoption.


In conclusion, the strategic collaboration between Wemade and Whampoa, materialized with the presentation of a substantial Web3 fund of 100 million dollars, represents a milestone in the digital asset sector. 

Thanks to the synergy between these industry leaders and their gaming skills and investment acumen, the concerted effort not only promotes innovation at the Dubai Wemix Play Center, but also positions the Middle East as a key player in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. 

This partnership is ready to leave a lasting mark, pushing the industry towards unprecedented development horizons and laying the foundations for a new era of digital innovation and financial evolution.