What Is LIGHTNETWORK That The Crypto Community Is Interested In?

Halving is an important event in the Bitcoin ecosystem, taking place every 4 years and has just ended and the price of this world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency has continuously increased in recent days. This shows that investors now have strong faith in BTC in particular and digital currencies in general.

An ETF is a type of investment fund that simulates the fluctuations of a stock or bond index. The characteristic of an ETF is that it is traded on a stock exchange similar to a regular stock. Investors can buy and sell ETFs at any time of the day.

Advantages of ETFs include high liquidity, the ability to diversify portfolios, lower management costs compared to actively managed funds, transparency and flexibility in trading. ETFs also attract foreign investors’ interest in a country’s stock market through investing in related ETFs.

And LightNetwork is no exception:

In the context of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry, the Light Network (LID) project has emerged as a notable software in the race to advance Blockchain technology. With outstanding technological advantages, strengths from capitalizing private funds, and future growth potential, Light Network is proving its strength and importance in the world of decentralized finance. central.

Technology Advantages

Light Network is not just a regular Blockchain project but also a decentralized financial ecosystem with advanced technology. Using technologies such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, Light Network brings transparency and safety to users. This advanced technology helps optimize transaction processes, enhance security, and create a flexible and efficient financial environment.

Strength in Capitalization from Infused Funds 

One of the important factors behind the success of Light Network is the capitalization of funding funds. These funds not only appreciate the potential and credibility of the project but also contribute to its development and expansion. Support from funding funds helps Light Network have stable financial resources to develop and expand operations in the future.

LID’s Growth Potential in the Future

With a mission to shed light on the future of decentralized finance, Light Network has been working tirelessly to provide users with the best financial experience. LID’s growth potential in the future is forecast to continue to increase significantly, especially when the project lists on leading exchanges and expands its scale of operations.


  • LightCex: Our cutting-edge decentralized exchange designed for seamless and secure trading. Experience the future of crypto with advanced features, liquidity, and transparency.
  • LightScan: A powerful and intuitive blockchain explorer designed to enhance transparency and traceability within our decentralized ecosystem.
  • LightMarket: Empowering investors with real-time data, insights, and analytics, LightMarketcap is your go-to resource for tracking the performance and trends of Light Network and other associated assets.


  • Token name: Light Network
  • Symbol: LID
  • Total supply: 5,000,000,000 LID
  • Token Platform: BSC BEP20

Usage: It is used in the transaction fee payment process and within the Light Network ecosystem platform.

Token Distributed

  • IEO: 2,000,000,000 LID
  • Marketing: 600,000,000 LID
  • Stake: 1,000,000,000 LID
  • Burn: 650,000,000 LID
  • Ecosystem: 500,000,000 LID
  • Team: 250,000,000 LID


  • March 15, 2024:
    • LID IEO: Illuminate your journey in crypto with Light Network. Seize the moment, join the evolution.
  • Quarter 2/2024:
    • Experience the future of blockchain with our Testnet launch. Explore innovation and test the possibilities.
  • Quarter 4/2024:
    • Listing on Gate.io or Binance
    • Listing on Pancake Swap
    • Listing on CGC and CMC Exchanges
  • Quarter 1/2025:
    • Unleash the future: Light Network (LID) Mainnet – Empowering a decentralized tomorrow.
  • Quarter 3/2025:
    • Unleash trading potential with our Exchange Platform. Elevate your crypto experience today!

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